Anybody buy I bond?

Just saw your that us i bond give 9% return. I guess we cannot buy it as foreigners?

Anybody look to get bonds with inflation coming ?

i-bonds are more like a savings account linked to inflation. And limited to US residents.
I don’t think Switzerland has inflation linked savings account.

Bonds with inflation (I guess you mean things like TIPS, or OATi) are an entirely different beast. They are used to hedge against unexpected inflation changes.

In general, esp. if you’re working in a field with labour demand, inflation isn’t bad, salaries tend to follow as much or better.
(If you’re working in a field with little demand, that’s a different story, inflation is the main way to reduce real salary/signal the labour market that a field is on the way out, given how sticky wages are – you can’t really explicitly reduce salary most of the time, but you can not adjust for inflation over time).

Also most assets will follow/adjust for inflation long term (which is why we care about real return, and those tend to be stable over time).

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Thanks for your answer. Currently I mostly have VT but I have a bit of cash hanging around, I was wondering if I should buy some bonds with the current high inflation. Because my risk tolerance does not allow me to go more on VT. (I put a fix amount of my revenu each month on VT)

So I was looking for « risk-free » bond like investment and the I-bound at 9% sound interesting

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