Any PC/gaming enthusiasts?

I kind of tried with Digitec but got the mail that I won’t get one from the first batch but my status of the order currently says “Expected in Middle of November”. So I have no clue… If it doesn’t get shipped on the 18th I will probably check out the Gamestop & melectronic in the Mall of Switzerland on the 19th.

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600W PSU when the RTX 3070 has a 650W minimum requirement is an interesting suggestion. This would have been my list including the RTX 3080 and some random 1440p gaming monitor:


PSU requirements are usually quite inflated. Here is a good video about it:

Note that the numbers are measured from the wall, so the system itself pulls around 7% less. The 3070 should not pull more power than the 2080ti.

A Ryzen 5 5600 and a RTX 3070 should not use more than 450W even with Furmark and Blender running at the same time.

To the linked digitec list with regards to gaming:

Overkill PSU,
Overkill CPU + Motherboard
Overkill GPU with regards to the monitor
Overkill SSD
Freesync Monitor should also be enough

The linked build probably gets 80% of the performance of the digitec build for 60% of the price.

I never said it’s a frugal build :wink: My point was there are high-end components available for less than 3k.

Also the 480GB SSD. That’s like Windows 10 and Call of Duty: Warzone which is some 200GB big and it’s full.
And not all Freesync (AMD stuff) Monitors support GSync (NVidia stuff), probably a licensing question.

Then two cheaper 1TB drives or a cheaper 2TB drives should offer the same experience.

With the monitors it is the other way around.

Nividia GPUs support Freesync and GSync. With Freesync, you have to spend a bit more time to check what range the monitor supports.

Thank you for your reply.

They don’t sell that monitor in Switzerland.

But aside from that, I don’t consider the Ryzen 5 3600 to be fast enough to warrant the upgrade. I don’t want to build a new system every two years so I would get something equivalent or better to: Ryzen 7 3700X / i9 9900k. The board with only two RAM slots also doesn’t do it for me. I have quad-channel memory now and a board with 8 slots, all of them filled with 4GB sticks (2 separate sets of quad channel memory). So from a productivity perspective (running some VMs or whatever) it would probably only be a match (with the R5 3600) to my current system. 4 Slots would be ok so I can start with 2x8 GB and take it from there when necessary. GPUs are easier to replace so I can start with a RTX 3070 and maybe get a 5070 or whatever it’s going to be in 3 years.

I was a bit of an enthusiast when I built that one, not so much now. Going to wait a bit more as I’m not in a rush.

The R5 3600 is a placeholder for the Ryzen R5 5600 that should release this year and be a decent performance uplift and good enough for quite some time. But maybe the r7 5700 will be the better choice.

The build is also strictly targeted at gaming, if productivity is important, then more ram, better cpu and motherboard are good upgrades.

Since you already have 32gb ram, you should also know how often that you use more than 16gb.

I love my Asus PG279QE monitor.

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Hello, me via Digitec. I received already email confirming that i will receive the 19th November.

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Lucky you! I didn’t get one. :cry: :broken_heart:


Have 3x of those for iRacing and they are amazing (but really expensive).

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Ah SimRacing. Funny how in this thread all our unfrugal splurging on electronics gets revealed xD


100% guilty of that!! To my kinda defense, this was before I discovered this Mustachian Forum… and we will not go into the details of that ridicoulus racing rig and those costs.

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Gaming is my passion and you can’t spend too much money on your passion :smiley:

I can’t wait to build my new PC. New AMD Zen CPU, 3080 (probably Asus Strix or TUF), Kraken Z73 watercooler, Lian Li O11 Dynamic XL case, 2TB SSD, 2x16GB DDR4 Ram.


Yes, you can… :joy:


Dear lord, that’s awesome! :rofl:
Is that the start/shift LED at the top of your mid screen?
And the gloves… gold! :smiley:

I am content (for now) with my “IKEA setup”, i.e. low lounge chair + wheel stand from Ebay + Thrustmaster T150 (on PS4).

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Its called “iFlags” which shows you a visual matrix of some racing situations. Really super nerdy stuff…

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You should spend more on a camera so that we can see your stuff better. Or just switch on the flash. :slight_smile:


He should open a Twitch account and stream his skills in F1 2020 or whatever racing games :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

@OogieBoogie : really nice setup !

Ha someone plays seriously racing games! :wink: @OogieBoogie
I’m on a g29 :smiley: (so a bit like @dbu )

I play iRacing - Radicals SR8. You ?

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