Any good blog or ressources for crypto investing


I’have found good blogs and ressources about FIRE and investing… but haven’t yet found a blog to follow on crypto. Same for books on the subject.

Has any of you found something inspiring to share?

Many thanks

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Youtube given how fast this space moves. For beginers I suggest “Whiteboard Crypto” for investing “Max Maher” but there is a lot of noise

One of my cryptomaniac friends recommended me “Bitcoin standard” by Saifedean Ammous, but I haven’t read it yet.

Thanks @1000000CHF @Carambau for your inputs!

I was looking for a good resource and there is a lot of $*&@ out there. it seems like everybody and their mother is now crypto expert. (and i’m not even joking, check out blockchainbabesofficial on instagram if you are bored).

The real stuff in my view (as usual, it very much depends on what you are looking for):

in terms of books (yes, oldschool, I know):
“the internet of Money” by Andreas Antonopoulos (Hope I kept the spelling)
“The infinite machine” by camila Russo, more historical, on genesis of ETH

many other resources are advised by Guy from Coinbureau

hope it helps

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I would recommend reading books about the technology itself. You can find some examples here: Top Blockchain Programming Books to Read in 2021

Knowing what different blockchains do or could potentially do gives you some fundamentals to work with when deciding which to invest in.

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he is sponsored tho :wink:
and guess by who…

Is he? fine print mentions “V3 Digital company”. Apart from affiliate links and merch, who is sponsoring it?

Thanks everyone, nice video with this ‘guy’!

Alright, what is written on the internet can be true, but it can also be wrong.


But good reminder :slightly_smiling_face:

thanks @Kay4rElle . This is useful! I did not know this.

It is difficult to imagine a person would do wild things: own research and investing and at the same share with the worlds at such pace without some kind of backing. at the same time crypto is quite a wild place. I still maintain that (single handedly or sponsored) this channel has contributed to a lot of my crypto education.
the only other person I know who does this kind of pace is “Real estate espresso podcast” by Victor Menasce. he obviously has his own company / organization to support the effort but it is really good education as well.

One thing to mention as well - as with any education (Coinbureau, Real Estate Espresso, MotleyFool, ubs monthly letter…) - this is not instruction on what to trade. It is education, which means one need to do their own research and decide on their own. And … own their decisions : those successes and those failures, hopefully learning from failures and expanding successes…

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this separates the moonboy from the investors.

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