Any experience with Immozins?

Hello, I was wondering if anyone has some experience with the new startup Immozins? If so, thanks for sharing.


I wouldn’t bother with any kind of real estate investment that does not offer reasonably higher expected returns than a Real Estate fund, with a lot of credibility (edit added).

This kind of investment is fairly illiquid, while you can sell a fund pretty much immediately.


Hi @yetanothername, thanks for your reply! I totally agree, it’s illiquid for 36 months in comparison to a fund.

The concept seems okay - they have a skin in the game as they also invest their own money - probably pulling a mortgate as high as possible and collecting the rest from “outsiders”. The company should be researched to see if they have a track record and high enough capital.

Funky that they say

  • the crowdfunding platforms are promising an unrealistically high return on an imagined full rental status (vollvermietung)
  • the crowdfunding platforms have too high costs
  • the crowdinvestors are last in a credit refinancing event and eventually will leave empty-handed (total loss of invested capital).

whereas they

  • have a project in Opfikon that shall give you 12% pa. return on invested capital
  • there is zero cost transparency (on the website at least)
  • probably the same risk applies (bank first, they second, you third in liquidation)

Also, if someone has approx. 1.5M CHF for a single investment, that means that person is well into HNW category and shall be able to find maybe better deals on his own. I would not be happy to go in with such a large amount of money - only if my first 10M CHF is already invested elsewhere.

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