AMEX Platinum Benefits

Dear MP’s,

I hope you’re doing well.

I’m hoping someone with a Swiss based AMEX platinum can help me today. I’m on the fence of signing up for the CSX Platinum Account with AMEX Platinum, I’m aware of all the fees, but they will be off-set by the higher interest rate - not the Mustchian way I know, but I’m fine with it.

The main reason behind the AMEX would be to make use of the airline lounges and of the Hotel benefits that I lose due to switching employer. Sadly the hotel benefits are not visible directly as prices per night are not visible.

Could someone who has an AMEX platinum check for me the cost per night (or total cost) for instance a stay from 07.04.2024 → 12.04.2024 in the Ritz Carlton in Singapore?

I can see booking directly, 683 SGD (450 CHF per night) + 120 (80 CHF) for breakfast per night, so total around 530 CHF per night and I’m wondering how much booking through AMEX would save here for example.

Thank you very much.