Am I obligated to clean the tiles and gutter on the unroofed balcony?

We’re moving out of our current apatement in Lucerne. We have an unroofed balcony. The gutter is not well constructed, so the water is not draining correctly. Over the winter and during the rainy days it’s filled up with lots of water and plants have started growing inside. Now that we’re moving I’ve talked to a friend and he said that we’ll have to clean the tiles and the gutter before moving out. This seems totally unreasonable to me. Obviously I’d have to tidy it up, clean the windows,… but am I really required to have a pressure washer to clean the balcony? It’s not my fault they didn’t think to install a roof and made sure the drainage is functioning properly.

Does anybody know how this is dealt with or had the same issue?

Get in touch with your real estate agency and clarify the situation with them asap. Many agencies would visit the flat a few weeks before the handover to see if any works are required on their side before a new tenant comes in. If such visit is scheduled, make sure to clarify the situation at that time.

The point I am trying to make is that you should not let this situation as-is until the handover. If they rule at that time that it was your responsibility they will anyway take your keys, hire professionals and send you the atrociously expensive bill (which then you will dispute… never ending story).


Hi @s0974748 , to second what @anneaun wrote, it is best to inform the rental agency of the issue.
Especially if the issue has been present since you live there (how long? Is it a new building?),the renter is expected to inform the owner/agency of any issues with the equipement, build-quality etc. In this case if it is really a faulty drainage, which you didn’t damage yourself or obstruct, they would send someone to repair it, and you shouldn’t have to pay. If they claim otherwise I would ask your local Mietverband MV Luzern NW OW UR - Mitgliedschaft. In Vaud for example , the asloca mentions that even if specified in the rental agreement, certain “repairs” simply cannot be expected to be at the renter’s charge, and the courts have many times taken the side of the renters, especially if it is something “not simple” Attention aux clauses nulles ! - par Pierre Stastny | ASLOCA

From my experience the balcony floor should be normally clean (remove any stains from barbecue/ spilled drinks, etc.) and broomed/mopped (remove dust, dirt, etc.) but cannot be expected to be like new, as long as it is from “normal” usage.
If there is for example mould coming from the non-functioning drainage pipe, then it is another issue, but as stated, it is best to inform the agency, if you wait for the day you leave, they will probably try to turn it against you for failing to inform them of the issue, especially if it was known since a long time. Also if you have pictures to illustrate the gravity problem, send it to them.

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