Am I not entitled to know what my 2nd pillar is invested in?

I am trying to get Axa to tell me, in detail, what they do with my pension money (as I am thinking buying a bit extra into it before EOY), but they are very vague and the best they can come up with is the percentages of bonds vs stocks/real estate etc… when I ask them to tell me what markets/currencies am I invested in, they won’t say.

I am now wondering: is this OK? Am I not entitled to at least know (let alone have an opinion on) what they do with my money?

What they do? What most pension funds in Switzerland probably do: invest it in actively managed funds with poor performance.

Would still be good to know, so that at least I could keep that in mind in my asset allocation (they invest 30% in the stock market, but which one?)

But you are not really invested? You don’t really have the market exposure? You are getting a fixed yield each year, it’s like a bond.

We are talking about pension fund, right?

Yes, it’s my 2 pillar and yes, I just get that 1% or so they promise. So you are right in a way that I should just consider it as a bond.
But is it too much to ask what they do with my money?

There should be something like a yearly report of the AXA Pensionskasse, usually available on your intranet. There you should find many information, also how much your PK is exposed in the markets. But you will not find a detailed strategy, what and when they buy/sell equities. But you will see how much money are in equities (CH or Int), bonds, real estate and others. If you want to know more, contact one of the employee representative in your PK.


All I can see if the percentage of stocks/bonds/real estate etc. Not even the markets/currencies they invest in. I am in contact with them and with the employee representative, but I am not getting very far, so I wanted to rant a bit :slight_smile:

Well mine is also giving me 1%/year. I don’t see the point in knowing how it is invested. It doesn’t change anything for my strategic asset allocation. It doesn’t matter how the market performs, I’m just getting the 1%/year.

So it’s just a very good and stable CHF bond for me.

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Asset Managers see more and more people being interested in sustainable and ethical investments. They are sometimes facing criticism if their investment is the direct opposite of their clients’ interest (e.g. optimizing real estate returns and thus driving up rental costs). I would encourage you to go via their corporate social responsibility unit and see how much transparency you can get out of them.


The 2nd pillard pension fund don’t comunicate the fund they invest in, only the % of bonds, stock, ect.
However, you can check how much is the TER. This number must be shared.