Alternatives to standard real estate market


if some of you are looking for alternative real estate opportunities and would like to rehab an old building take a look at «Marché Patrimoine – die Plattform für Baudenkmäler»

It is a platform with very particular properties that normally get lost in the average real estate marketplace. Most of them are old and also historical buildings - from 13th century farms to small palace-like villas and classical properties - that are worth preserving. Beyond their material value, most of them are very distinguished objects that can hide a lot of potential. To restore or to rehab a house can be a long process, but the outcome can be very gratifying and valuable. The (still small) website, where one can buy and sell, is supported by Patrimoine Suisse.


Really interesting opportunities!

Are all of these buildings in need of repairs?
Do you need to do repairs if you commit to buying these?

Thank you for sharing!

No, not all of them need repairing. I was scrolling through a couple of photos, and some are in a quite good shape (of course there are infrastructural improvements such as heating systems etc, to improve performance or economies but that’s another type of repairing). Others, yes, they need more than just a bucket of paint. But the best is to ask for the leaflet and check the first details before the visit(s) :slight_smile:

These are private properties and I would find strange if repair was somehow mandatory. Most of properties are not even protected, others are buildings “of interest” and can be listed. This is an important aspect if you plan to transform the building - there are grades from 1 to 7 (i.e. Vaud) and each grade comes with different directives. Some are ‘of interest’ but not protected, while others are protected. These grades, when attributed, can have an impact on the procedures linked to the building permit - to be checked case by case :building_construction: