All in one accounting service for small businesses

Are there any companies in Switzerland who provide a complete accounting solution for small business’s and speak excellent English and do all of the work.

i.e. they’ll register the GmbH, do the payroll, accounting for selling a product online and tax filing ?

What sort of tax filing is required for a company in Switzerland / GmbH’s, is it once per year like a Steuererklärung required for individuals ?


Basically any accounting company offers that. For instance, Findea has all-in-one packages and english-speaking employees: FINDEA | Fiduciary services for modern companies
I never worked with them, but I like their blog and I think they know what they are doing.

However, you can also do that by yourself, especially when you are starting a company and need to save money / want to invest in other things. With the right software, it is not that hard and there are many resources in the internet.

What sort of tax filing is required for a company in Switzerland / GmbH’s, is it once per year like a Steuererklärung required for individuals ?

Yes, you need to fill out a tax declaration every year. In contrast to the one for individuals, the one for companies / LLCs is very short because you only transfer numbers from the income statement & balance sheet, but do not document any transactions in the declaration itself (as you have your bookkeeping for that).

If the company has a yearly revenue of more than 100’000 CHF, you also need to pay VAT. For that, you usually need to fill out a declaration every quarter where you declare all your revenue and your input tax deductions (as a company, you do not need to pay VAT on goods/services that you buy, but you need to declare them to get the VAT back). However, there is also the “Saldosteuersatzmethode” which is much simpler for small businesses: You only need to fill out a declaration every 6 months and you pay VAT at a fixed rate (for an IT service provider it is e.g. 6.5% and you can pocket the difference of 1.2%), but you cannot claim back the VAT that you paid on goods/services.


I second that. I use bexio and works like a charm. I do all the transactions myself and at the end of the year I send it to the accountant for a year of end closing. I even do the MWST and the declaration of it.

Since you have a GmbH, I would definitely go for that model. Do most of the stuff yourself, and then just give it for a final brush up to the accountant in January/February.

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Interesting I thought about using this too. What package do you use?


I am using the starter, because I just need the FIBU (Finanzbuchhaltung).

If you are a GmbH, you might need to use more (maybe Payroll ?). In their webinterface you can then find accountants who also work with that tool. You give them access to your account (separately of course so there is proper logging), and then you just need to handle out the accountant what is your part and his part. Accountant itself costs around 140 CHF/h.

Good thing with bexio is you can nearly start right away:
-basic account plan is already set up which is easily modifiable to your needs
-different types of VAT handling (without, Pauschal, effective)
-all documents (offer, invoice, deliver notes are set up in multilanguage right aw
-banking link setup easy to do for reconciliation (all the big banks are there in my recollection, I used postfinance for pricing reason and because it is good enough).
-I found it intuitive to use and set up

Basically it is a (very basic) CRM, proper ERP if you take an advanced package including inventory/project handling, and accounting tool all in one.