Airbnb abroad as a swiss hoster?

Hi all

I was wondering if someone owns rental appartments abroad (eg. germany, france or elswhere in the world) and is renting it out via airbnb and other plattforms?

I know that some germans or US citizens are doing quit good business with it and now i wondered if there is someone in switzerland with experience in this kind of business-field…


I’d like to do it but it’s obviously a nightmare to find the right place without being physically there for an extended amount of time. Once I found the place, then I’ll need to spend money for someone managing it for me (besides fees/taxes/reparations/utilities) so I am not 100% sure it’s going to be super profitable, but I am looking for a place where I might one day retire myself.

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I’m interested too. Well at least I thought about it often. But I’d like to buy a place in my home country and would ask/pay someone to know to manage it. Haven’t pulled the trigger on anything though. I’m curious to see if you get any replies.

I have a property not abroad but in another canton. In my opinion you should only do this with a property near where you live and if you have time. Otherwise you need someone on the ground you can trust, probably a family member, and even then you need to be prepared to visit.

I make a good return ~ 7% but much less than the stock market over the past 10 years (it has made 3-400%) and profit per hour of my time spent much less. I am happy it does give me some diversification though

Work: no matter how clearly you write your house guide every rental comes with questions from client eg special check in times, coffee machines, wifi codes. Then you have issues eg ants, something broken. You need do this with love and attention or the client can leave you a bad review. You need to manage cleaners and / or agents. Then you have maintenance and repairs. Occasionally you get the odd client who doesn’t like the place and you need to deal with their ongoing complaints during their stay

Airbnb take ~15% fees, amount is variable I think


Once I met a guy that own 5 or 6 apartments(one for each child :-S) in Mallorca. He negotiate with a german company that they will pay him 300 € a month per apartment and they will manage the apartment for him.

Wow that doesn’t sound like a very good deal to me.
They probably make that in 3-7 days (depending on the state of those apartments) in a good season period; and nearly year-round it is a decent period for a visit there.

Depends on how you see it.

He had a deal of renting with buying option (so no initial investment) and if I recall properly it was like around 200 each flat so 100€ free cash for each flat. 600€ a month.

and you avoid what Barto explained around mgnt. customers…

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Dosent sound too bad - need to google it :slight_smile:

bear in mind that this conversation was some years ago (5 y) and now in spain (I believe not in every city) you need to have a license to rent your apartment to tourist.

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