Air conditioning in a condominium in Zurich canton?

Does anyone have experience or have more information about the regulations regarding air conditioning in canton Zurich? I own a condominium, with a roof floor, which gets very hot in the summer. Very difficult to work or sleep many weeks during summer.
But very difficult to find information if I am allowed to install a multi split air conditioning system. I dont want a mobile one, as it is very inefficient. Any idea? Thanks!

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Installing a built-in AC would generally qualify as a building alteration. A good first step would be to check the regulations governing building alterations in your condominium’s statutes. Additionally, any change that alters the building’s facade, which is generally the case with built-in AC systems, requires a building permit.


Thanks for the response! Do you know where I can find this information regarding the regulations governing building alterations in my condominium status? Regarding the building facade, it wont be a problem I guess, as the outdoor unit will be placed inside one balcony, without being visible to outside or by any neighbor.

Honestly, I would just go with a mobile one with proper insulation of the window. Getting a pre-cut plexiglas barrier with cutout of the AC tube and you are good to go. Only main downside is the noise of the compressor if you have it directly next to you.

Surely, a split AC would be better and more efficient, but if you don’t need it that often (e.g. only in July/August) it might be fine.

From what I’ve heard, you first need authorisation from the landlord and then ask for a permission with the city. But didnt go thrrough the process as I opted for a mobile one.

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At least for Zurich City you can find it here:


Thanks for the info!

From what I could understand, there is no mention of mobile vs multisplit systems. The regulations apply to any aircon system, right?

No. A mobile AC generally does not require any kind of building permit nor permission from your condominium. It does not alter the building itself. It’s simply a domestic appliance.

The only thing that I could possibly see as a possible issue is if your condominum gets a single electricity bill that is divided between co-owners. In that case, the co-owners may complain if the power bill goes through the roof. That setup is very rare, but is still possible.

A possible upside of installing a built-in AC system, with all the work involved, is that it could moderately improve the value of the property. Also, the expense may be tax-deductible, though I’m not 100% sure if it would qualify.


There are also mobile split machines, that should be fine.

They are way more efficient and effective.

Something like this:

(Dont know specifically about that model)


Interestingly, have the above Argo device. Cools well but its interiour part is loud as it contains the compressor. Outside part is inaudible from few meters. I have mine on upstairs balcony that is never used. Where you get caught is visibility - almost always not allowed if a flat - or someone complaining about noise of the outside unit. As often in life with these things, dont ask, dont tell and hide it so noone notices. If you can’t hide it visually, someone is bound to complain about it sooner or later. AFAIK the maximum noise of outside unit is the beyond the visual eye-sore the attack surface.


This one looks nice, indeed. Just quite pricey.
I only use AC in the evening or during the night in summer as I’m rarely at home during the day, hence I also don’t mind the white noise of the compressor during sleep.
I have this one (not deliverable anymore, but bought it for 250.-):

→ it is not very powerful and only manages to cool down to ~23-24°C but I can live with that. In two years I probably have saved more money than this thing costs (250), by just investing the 1550.- (difference to the Argo) in VT :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Not sure I understand the difference between a mobile split air conditioning and multi split air conditioning. Both have outdoor units, both have connections between the outdoor and indoor units, eventually can be through a wall or through a window or sealing a window. The main difference I see is one has wheels and one I hang it on the wall.

And I wonder if there is one component from it which needs approval, like outside noise, or holes through the wall or…cos each could have some “fixes”. Would a multisplit air conditioning need approval if I dont make a hole in the wall? Like making a hole in the window. Or for example if outside noise is an issue, maybe to take a more silent model with a sound reducing cover.

Not sure for what element you start needing approval.

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