AI Marketing - Investment robot


Have you ever heard of the company ?

My son in law was explaining that he invested money in it and that it is supposed to ensure enormous returns on investment.

It is based on a market robot that buys advertisement spaces for companys on internet and pays its investors via a cash back program coming from the online shop.

To me it seems extremely opaque and I am really worried that this is a pyramidal system. Am I paranoid ? Have you ever heard about this system ?

Thanks for your comments !

I didn’t wanted to log in with google to look to get the details so from what I see on the main page :

Technically, if he doesn’t get money when his friends join the program, but only 5% from their buy, it is not a pyramidal system, even if he has to pay en entry fee.

The fact that he must pay for the ability to bring them customers and get a commission from their sale is probably a scam, or at least a way to make them believe they will earn a lot nominally while their net profit will be low.

Opened it quickly on the phone.
It seems to be a cashback program - meaning you get some money back when you purchase something.
What is there to “invest” in?

Or am I looking/perceiving it wrong via mobile phone? :grin:

Edit: Some more experiences on reddit threads.
And a “review”:

I don’t understand… What is there to invest? You can upload your receipt from a shop and you get some cashback…?

No, it is a system where you invest in adverstisement spaces on internet for online shops.
When someone purchases something using an advertisement you invested in, you get some money back you don’t buy anything yourself.

The thing is : They advertise a 35% return on investment and it looks very opaque. It seems unlikely to get so much money back

Oh yeah… 35% “risk free” yield is pretty much guaranteed a Ponzi scheme. The advertising thing is just their random pretty story to justify the income.

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I didn’t open it but it sounds like a simple marketing company.

  • You give them the money
  • They buy ad space and put ads with links to affiliate sites
  • sometimes people buy stuff and they get the affiliate percentage back
  • they then share it

Sounds like a plan that could work, not sure if they can really offer good returns.

The problem is that it seems to work too good. People are instantly getting 30% monthly yield and stuff.

What kind of people? Are they real, do you know them?
This could be fraud, maybe even give you some return the first months, making you invest more and then disappear.

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