AHV credit for children

When you have children, you get an AHV credit. This can be split between parents. Originally, we just said we’d split it 50/50 as we didn’t think about it.

Now, I’d like to give the entire amount to my partner since she earns less than me. Does anyone know if it is possible to change this election and if so how? Thanks.

Are you refering to the OASI bonus for rising children?

It says here that it is claimed when claiming the annuity, but how it is split depends on whether you were married or not and/or whether there was a decision by a judge and/or whether you had a specific convention that gave or split the parental authority to one of the parents:

In German: https://www.ahv-iv.ch/p/1.07.d
In French: https://www.ahv-iv.ch/p/1.07.f
In Italian: https://www.ahv-iv.ch/p/1.07.i

It’s complex enough that I’d search for further guidance if you want to use if for a specific parent.

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Yes, it is this. I think we should be able to change the allocation with a signed letter from both parents. I will try to contact the authorites to confirm.

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You mean the “Erziehungsgutschriften”.

If you’re married, then it’s always half-half and no change possible.

Since you defined the split initially, you are possibly unmarried or not married any more(?)
If not married, then you can change from 50:50 to one parent each year as much as you want (effective 1.1. of each year).

The following article describes it well. See especially the last part under the title “Und so hat Bischofberger die Gutschriften mit ihrem Partner vereinbart”.


Thanks. We found the original letter that we signed and will draft a new one with the altered split.