Affordability threshold of 33% for mortgages

Hi, I need some advice on getting a mortgage that would breach the 33% affordability index. I was wondering If anyone of you have found a bank/insurance that is able to go up to 36% ? It seems that some banks are a bit more flexible nowadays due to the actual mortgage situation… (Cler sometimes accepts up to 38%) thanks in advance :slight_smile:

It definitely is possible but it really depends on your financial situation, where the property is located, how much you pay for the property and how much the bank values the property etc. so it is best to shop around and talk with different banks and mortgage providers.

All the banks have that flexibility but it depends on your profile, the savings you have on the side and the LTV of your mortgage. I have seen credit applications being accepted with 40% affordability ratio but the creditors were buying under price and had impeccable savings habits.