Advisor recommendation?

Although I’ve been reading up a lot about investing / taxes / AHV & pillars 2 & 3 (thanks to this forum :grin:!), I wonder if it might make sense to additionally consult an advisor just to make sure I’ve optimized everything I can in my current situation.

I’ve read some posts on advisory here: there do not seem to exist any truly independent, fiduciary advisors in Switzerland. Of course, I’d never even think of going to a bank or insurance, but apparently, even fee-only advisors cannot be trusted (Die Mär von der unabhängigen Finanzberatung – finpension)

Has anyone had experience (positive or negative) with financial advisors? Also, does anyone know if Vermögenszentrum (VZ) is trustworthy?

My perfect advisor would have a holistic view of my situation: He/she’d not only be competent financially, but also in tax and pension issues. I’ll happily spend a few 100 Fr. for an advisor if that saves me some more bucks in the long run.

Unless you reach HNWI or UHNWI level, I’m not sure you’ll get very useful service beyond the generic stuff (do pillar3a, etc.)

And then those things cost more than a few 100s :confused:


Far from being HNW, unfortunately. I’d have to make some crazy leveraged bet to achieve that status, or maybe I should give Euromillions a chance :grin:

In my opinion, a one-off consultation from a tax advisor (not a financial advisor) who specializes in your canton’s and municipality’s tax laws can be beneficial. They can help you optimize your taxes and calculate tax scenarios applicable to retirement saving (i.e. local capital withdrawal taxes for early pillar 2 and 3a withdrawals for home purchases). There is no real financial incentive for a tax advisor to mess you around, since they aren’t selling you any products.

I don’t personally see a lot of sense in using a financial advisor, unless they specialize in a very specific field. You can find at least as much information yourself online, and you can compare most financial products yourself online as well. So there’s little added value, and you run the risk of being marketed sub-optimal products.


I have been looking for exactly this.Anyone knows someone?^^ (Kanton & City of Zurich)

Kudos to finpension to actually state “we are not independent”!