Advice selling a hotel/finca in Spain

Hi folks

My dad knows a guy who wants to sell his estate in Spain.
It consists of 4 fincas, some separate rooms and a large swimming pool. The land plot is almost 50k sqm, there are hundreds of olive trees and a private water fountain.
Location is close to the Ebro delta.

If my family can find a buyer, the seller would compensate us generously :slight_smile:

Are there any websites that specialize on luxury real estate or hotels? Any advice on which platform is the market leader for real estate ads in Spain and Germany?

Any tips appreciated!!

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You have the IDEALISTA 's international websites.
It’s implemented in Portugal, Spain and Italy. It isn’t luxury-only research engine but it’s quite known.
…For such type of real estate, I’m not sure these type of websites are the best solution :thinking: the market is huge. For luxury properties, I guess people go directly to Sotheby’s, Christie’s and Barne’s.

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