Add money to existing viac portfolio?

So I now have 5 portfolios and I will add this year the full amount to an existing portfolio which is performing well so far. Are there any negatives to it? Should I add money to less performing portfolios? They are all invested with global 100 strategy.

I’d try to equalize the amounts so that the accounts stay as close as possible.



And do this once a month, so like 7052Ă·(12Ă—5)=117.53 to each portfolio each month

Does it make a difference if it is done like that’s monthly, or everything all at once?

Yes, I will do that but my question is how it will influence the profit already made on the portfolio?

Nobody knows. If we would know we would be rich

It’s actually 7056/(5*12) = 117.60

But I find this too cumbersome and invest the full 2024 amount in the smallest of my VIAC portfolios at the beginning the year.


It shouldn’t make a significant difference if you invest your money on the side in a widely diversified way and in stocks anyway.

It should make a difference if that affects your allocation (that is, the money you are investing in your 3a would otherwise not be invested in stocks).

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Ha, fair

Monthly rebalancing can generate extra outperformance but so can lump-sum’ing it in, assuming climbing markets :wink:

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All accounts follow the same strategy? Then the only difference in performance is the timing of your purchases?

As larix.aurea wrote, I would rotate on a yearly basis, always picking the lowest one.

Whether it’s 7056 at once or spread over 12 months depends on availability of cash and other alternatives. There was a different question on this some days ago.