About unemployment assurance / Assurance chômage in tax declaration

Dear All,

I searched the forum and didn’t find relevant discussion/answers. Please merge this topic if this is a duplicate.

This is my attempt to file taxes first time and hence would like to make sure I am not making any mistakes. Here are few questions:

  1. As an example, see the certificate from unemployment insurance. Last year my CA reported the amount as: taxable amount (montant imposable) - health/accident insurance (assurance malade). In this example, it would be 5776 – 112 = 5664. I am not questing my CA but just want to confirm if this is how you typically do it and wondering why assurance maladie is deducted (by CA).

  1. The l’impôt à la source from the unemployment certificate (e.g. 886) needs to be added to Total des acomptes payés/ Total advance payments, right? From my understanding no other information from this unemployment certificate is used anywhere else.

  2. There is a category Periods of work interruption/ Périodes d’interruption de travail (like below, at least in Vaud):

Before starting new employment, I took few weeks of break and unemployment/chomage insurance says as you are taking break for personal reasons/vacation, they won’t pay anything. So I am just mentioning that one month as work interruption with short explanation. Is this correct or work interruption is supposed to be something else like due to accident?

Thank you very much in advance! The existing discussions has helped and clarified so many things!

Your questions are an edge case on this forum. This is why no one has answered them. I’ll bite, though, and try and provide some general advice.

Unlikely to do with health insurance, but with accident insurance that is covered by unemployment insurance instead of an employer. The number looks high for a month of unemployment. Leave it be as it’s in your favor, I suppose the tax office will correct it if it is wrong.

Likely yes but you should read the instructions for filling in the form or call your cantonal tax office if your questions are not answered well.