About 100k CHF cash, shall I park it with Interactive Brokers or UBS savings account?

I already have all my net worth invested in different individual stocks with IB, 70% US stocks, 10% Swiss stock and 20% others.

While waiting for opportunities, where shall I park my CHF cash?


Consider wiLLBe too (1.3% up to 50k)


Check the money market fund topic. You can buy many at IB.

UBS has a maximum withdrawal of 50k per year (without costs), so not ideal. Even PF does better.


Nobody can seriously answer this.

Your investment horizon is this week and it needs to be liquid? Invest in CHF.

Your investment horizon is 6 months and it needs to be liquid? Invest in X.

Your investment horizon is 2 years and it needs to me mostly liquid? Invest in Y.

Your investmetn horizon is … well, you get the gist.

Good luck.

Since you talked about “parking the cash”, I would assume you really mean parking which means it needs to be available at short notice.

If you expect cash to be available without any notice period , then your best option is money market funds or 1M fixed deposits at the banks.

Money market funds are available at IB / SQ
They are also available at your banks but they might charge heavy custody fees which would reduce the yield.


yes, you have understood what I meant. at attractive valuation, I will probably use the money to buy individual stocks in the future.

I am just a bit worried the concentration/default risk with IB, in case it goes under one day, becasue most of my net worth is with IB, although currently the portfolio consists of 85% of stocks and 15% of cash.

For the moment I just plan to choose among the 2 options I mentioned but I don’t know which one is better.

Actually for UBS, you have two options

  • Savings account where you can withdraw max 50K per year without notice period of 3M. The interest rate drops for amounts above 50K.
  • Fixed deposits ( 1M, 2M, 3M) . For fixed deposits., the rate is offered by calling the relationship manager

If I were you, I wouldn’t put all my money at IB.

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How much? How liquid, i.e. how long should it take for money to be back at your bank account?

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in 24 hours, like with IB or UBS cash acount that i can transfer it and receive in IB in less than 24 hours.

BTW It seems even our stock brokers get bankruot, the stocks we own via them are still safe?

In this case, I agree, your best options are Fintech apps, radicant/Yuh/Alpian etc.

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thanks, I do have Yuh, why do you receommend Yuh over IB in cash or UBS savings account?

My guess is that because it is faster to withdraw from the Fintech apps vs IB and that other options have better interest rates than the UBS savings account.


And also because you receive 1% interest on cash, with no withdrawal cap or limit.
I don’t know of any other account that offers such high interest with so much flexibility. This isn’t the case with UBS, and cash deposited directly on IB doesn’t earn such a high interest rate.


I just saw this post from another thread

anyone have experience transfer CHF from wiLLBe to IBKR? 1. can you transfer directly without passing by a Swiss bank like UBS? 2. if you make the order before 5pm on day 1, would you receive the money on IBKR the next morning?