A new low commission 3A/3rd pillar ETF solution from VIAC


Yes, post #169 by _name. I missed that, sorry…
But I can add something possibly useful (didn’t see it anywhere else) :
The referral code is entered at the end of the whole registration process. That means after uploading your passport picture and signing.


In contrast to the reply above, VIAC offers the iShares Core S&P 500 (TER 0.07) in their Global 100 portfolio. I noticed that most forum users here choose the CSIF World (TER 0.00) and not the iShares Core S&P 500 for their individual strategies. Why is that? The change in TER, portfolio turnover, etc. Are there big differences between them?

I am new on this forum and it has been very helpful to find out about VIAC. Also opened an account with them.


Hi everyone, I found the forum while searching for VIAC information or references, very useful!
I only have basic knowledge about investing and I liked VIAC transparency and recommendations according to the risk you’re willing to take. I already compared to other 3a products and I’m about to open an account. However I see that YTD all the strategies have negative yield… but I haven’t been able to compare to other products from banks because I didn’t find historical data in their websites, does anyone have any of these references? Do you feel comfortabke sending your money now with this negative trend? I’m sorry if my questions are too basic…


Invest regularly at low cost and for the long term - and the trend is your friend. Viac is currently the best 3a offering by far.


since we don’t talk about a savings account, this frequently happens as you neet to take risk (=volatile assets) in order to have a high probability of long term returns. As samuck says,

you can consider the lower prices now as a discount, best time to get invested! but be sure to read a bit on risk tolerance and such, because noone can promise you that those prices fall off 50% within the next year.


Hi guys

I am planning on opening up a Viac account with five relationship for my 3. Säule. This is the mix I have in mind, what can I improve?

  • 35% CSIF SPI Extra (Swiss Small & Mid Caps)
  • 15% CSF SMI (Swiss Large Caps)
  • 35% iShares Core S&P 500
  • 12% CSIF World ex CH Small Cap
  • 3% Cash

What do you think?


improve in what sense?

maybe if you tell us why you picked what you picked, then we can tell what you could do further towards your original goal

for example if your objective had been to stay as close as possible to a certain benchmark like MSCI World or VT, while minimizing fees and observing regulatory constraints, then there’s clearly some things we could change here to fit that goal better. but as you don’t say what your goal is, it’s hard to make specific recommendation


Too much home bias. I’d recommend their world market capitalization portfolio - Global 100.


I’d also be interested in an answer to that question.

I’ve opened a VIAC account this year, so far with just a single Global 100 portfolio. I want to open a second portfolio next year, and I’m wondering if it’s worth it to pick your own mix. Can you push your fees below the 0.53 for the global 100 portfolio if you simplify or pick the right ETFs while maintaining a 97% stocks ratio? If so, what’s the lowest you can go?


It seems that 0.5% is ‘effektive verwaltungsgebühr’ which seems to be calculated by the percentage of stocks. Only 0.03% are ‘externe produktkosten’


Thank you hedgehog.

  • I picked the CSIF SPI Extra (Swiss Small & Mid Caps) because the SMI depends too heavily on the industry giants Nestle, Roche and Novartis.

  • I picked the SMI to have some coverage of the Swiss Large Caps

  • I picked the iShares Core S&P 500 because the US economy is still one of the biggest and most innovative ones.

  • I picked the 12% CSIF World ex CH Small Cap to have international exposure besides the US and CH. I chose this one over others like the European index because the EU is heaviliy overregulated which will hinder growth.

My goal is to minimize fees and invest in indexes of countries that have promising economical growth and support innovation.

What would you improve?

Thank you for your help!


Thank you for your insights. Personally I would look to have no more than the required 40% in swiss equities/cash. Reason being you want more international diversification.


did anybody put some thought into why credit suisse seemingly offers VIAC to use it’s index funds for zero TER? doesn’t this sound like the for-free financial service that has the costs hidden somewhere else?


I think what you write is false. CS does NOT offer them to VIAC for free. VIAC offers them for “free” to you, and VIAC pays CS with a part of the 0.50% annual fee that you pay to VIAC.


Thank you everyone for a great discussion and sample portfolios!
You convinced me to open an account with VIAC myself.

I went ahead and created one Global and one custom portfolio, mostly following nugget’s allocation.

Feel free to ask for some referral codes :slight_smile:


Is everyone going 100% shares?


Most probably yes - I keep my bond allocation as a cash in my bank because bonds suck these days. Besides since we’re FI asap seekers, we’re pretty agresive investors.


That’s right. From a logical point of view this seems the best solution (even if not 100% secure!)… but there’s an emotional part of me that really can’t stand all this risk…


Thank you for the feedback. How would you allocate the international 60%?

I’m sceptic about the development of the international economies besides the US, please feel free to correct me :slight_smile:


There’s something i think i got wrong (or i didn’t get at all…). AFAIK the money that’s insured up to 100’000 CHF is just the one you put in the 3a account in the WIR Bank, so that doesn’t apply to the sum invested in the funds. Is that part in some way also insured or protected?