3rd pillar credit suisse

Hello, it’s me, again.
2 options from credit suisse:
-csa mixta bvg equity 75 ter 1,54 all-in fee in %1,4
-csa mixta bvg maxi ter 1,49 all-in fee in % 1,4

I would say none of them. Why are you with Credit Suisse ?

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kind of keep insisting to have a meeting. I said, let’s give it a try but I knew already the result ahahahah

Run away!!!


Why do you have a 3a account at CS?

I know the insistence of the Sales Guys at CS well. Be strong :wink:
Of those I had the second product 2005-2017. High TER Shitty performance.
Very glad better products on the market now.
If you really have/want to go with CS at least choose the Mixta Index products, they show better performance.

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Wooohooo, TER of around 1.5%, some managerial people are getting rich at CS but definitely not you :expressionless:


I don’t have it, just proposing to me different options. I have the bank account there

Such a TER has long term a huuuuge impact!

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Back then, because they offered an insanely high interest on the account as a special offer, for a while.

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