3rd pilar - Limits to 15000 CHF

Have you seen this new law proposal where the limit of 3rd pilar could be 15000?
Would you know what will be the next steps to get this law approved ?



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The national council agreed to this:
20.494 | Renforcer la prévoyance vieillesse individuelle | Business | The Swiss Parliament (parlament.ch)
So next year the council of states will vote yes or no, on whether to change the limit for pillar 3 contributions.


So the ones that‘d bear most of the loss in tax revenue will only vote next year, you say?

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That’s interesting indeed, although it hasn’t been adopted by either chamber yet, and the commission’s report actually recommends rejecting it, so we’ll see next year.

Much more certain and forthcoming is the one that was actually adopted by both chambers and is just waiting to be implemented into law (and mentioned by the commission as a reason to reject the other proposal):

This one should allow buy-backs for missing years of contributions in the 3rd pillar, up to a maximum of around 35K every five years.


Yes, the national council did accept it (Folge gegeben).

But only if you haven’t contributed before the age of 25.
If from 25 on, you always contributed the maximum, you wont be able to buy back anything.

Yes, you’re absolutely right. That’s also what I meant by buying back “missing years of contributions”. In that sense, whether one measure or the other is more beneficial will depend on each individual’s personal situation (e.g. age, length of career in Switzerland, etc.). In any case, if the annual limit were to be increased to 15K for instance, I assume that the other provision (buy-backs) would need to be adjusted accordingly anyway.

That might be my own misunderstanding. This most recent one is listed as “Folge gegeben” as you point out (“donnĂ© suite” in French), whereas the other one is listed as “Annahme” (or “adoptĂ©â€). I assumed that the first one implied only some kind of approval for the relevant commission to investigate further until a final vote for adoption is taken. I’m not an expert though, so beyond noticing that lexical difference, I must admit that I don’t know if there’s an actual difference here or not.

The difference is the one that’s already adopted (buying into 3a), was a “Motion” whereas the newer one is a “Parlamentarische Initiative”.
I could go into details, but what matters is that the newer 15K thingy goes to the second chamber after being accepted (“Folge gegeben/donnĂ© suite”) by the first one. :wink:

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Short update on this topic:

This parlamentary initiative is a point of the agenda in the social security and health committee meeting end of January:
sitzungsplanung-sgk-s (parlament.ch) (20.494, 3rd line)

I imagine, that it will therefore finally be treated by the StÀnderat in their spring session (27. Feb - 17. Mar).
If that’s the case, it only took them a year to go from one chamber to the other. :slight_smile:


Update2 on this topic:
The social security and health comission of the StÀnderat (council of states) discussed this in January and they voted against increasing the 3a limits to 15k.
This means, that the entire StÀnderat will have to vote on this initiative.


When will this happen?

If we can go by the national council, it’s gonna be in their spring session (27. Feb - 17. Mar). I wouldn’t bet on it though. :wink:

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Spring session agenda will be available at the end of this week. If accepted, the commission (of the national council) will have two years to elaborate a project.

Yes and then both councils vote again on that.
Although I don’t see how you would need two years to increase 3a limit from 7k to 15k. :slight_smile: Because IMHO there isn’t much wriggle room how the decree should look.