3 limit orders cancelled by IBKR for different reasons...why?

Good evening. would be grateful if someone could help me.

I have a cash account with IBKR, the base currency is CHF

I have 3 types of order cancelled and I don’t understand why, here are the print screens

The first line: I tried to put a limit order to buy a stock during NYSE open time and the order immidiately had the status “inactive”, and later cancelled, saying I don’t have enough cash blabla, but I just sold my other stocks in USD and I can see I have 30k USD…

The 2nd line is similar, but ON TOP OF IT, it says I surpass the size limit of 500 shares, which I don’t get why, because I bought 1300 shares of the same stock 10 days ago, so why it’a problem now.

the last one: this one is in CHF, the limit order was placed, but get cancelled after a few days, it says I don’t have enough balance blabla. while I constantly have had several times more than enough CHF…

in my home tab, it says settled cash 86k

under Cash tab I have

I think there was a message in bulletin, something about system upgrade in European stock exchanges and that orders will be cancelled and not restored. Try again maybe?

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Why don’t you ask IB support? Seems like what they’re here for :slight_smile:

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thanks but BMBL is US stock

this is a good point, the reality is I have only used client portal and i can’t find a way to reach IB support, under Help and BOT everything seems to not let “free entry” of a personalized message, either you are redirected to FAQ and forum or for the BOT it seems we have to choose categories just like an answering machine. This is the worst interface for customer support I have ever seen. the app Yuh is doing a much better job.

Perhaps cash from your stock sale is not settled yet? Usually you can buy immediately after the sale, except if you violated the free riding rule in the last 90 days (e.g. buying a security then selling in a day or two).

Read more at Availability of proceeds in a 'Cash' type account | IB Knowledge Base and Free Riding Rule | IB Knowledge Base

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So you are buying Zgld in CHF and BMBL in USD? Are you sure you have enough cash? Is it settled?

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My first thought as well.

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I guess the usual problem with Cash accounts. Just upgrade to Margin account even if you don’t use margin.

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Thanks all of you
sorry for the dumb question, where can I see if it is settled?
I think I have the cash because

I don’t understand IB’s messages on my print screens because

  1. is there a negative sign on my settled cash? otherwise the sentence doesn’t even make sense. saying I have 50k and I don’t have the needed 10k…
  2. for the ZGLD one, saying that “loan value…margin” but I have a cash account, why could these words even appear?

I see settled cash on the Home tab, though I’m not sure if this page is the same for everyone.

I can’t make sense of negative numbers either. It looks bugged, and perhaps you’ll need some customer support.

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I also see it in my home tab, it says settled cash 86k, that’s way more enough to buy what I want to buy


Thanks, do you think the “-” before the 52k is a negative sign?

For me it looks like your cash has not settled yet, due to the minus sign in the messages. When did you sell the stocks?

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for the USD trade, I sold yesterday

Depending on the security, but normally it takes 2 business days to settle.
To overcome this issue you can use a margin account as mentioned already in this thread.

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