2nd pillar withdrawl / collateral for home purchase: effect on death/disability insurance

I was looking around but could not find the answer to following questions:

  1. Does your death (survivor+orphan) / disability pension (from occupational pension fund) change if you make a partial/full with-drawl of 2nd pillar for purchasing primary residence?
  2. What if you use 2nd pillar as collateral? Is it different from 1)


Depends on your pension fund; sometimes withdrawals reduce your disability / death benefits; at other pension funds they don‘t

I suggest you write this question to your second pillar institution directly, as it depends entirely on your “Reglement”. 2nd pillar institutions have considerable leeway to set their own rules, also regarding who inherits what.

Or you read the Reglement yourself if you don’t trust them.

Post your latest pension fund statement here (without name etc.) and we should be able to answer your questions.

In my pension fund for example everything regarding to insurances is just linked to the salary and not how much is inside. Might be the same for you.

thanks everyone. The death/disability benefits seems to be related to expected capital in my fund at retirement.

Disability pension is 5% of the capital I am expected to have in 2nd pillar at retirement (using projected interest rate of 2.75%)
Death is 3%

Also it increased accordingly as my pension contributions at previous pension fund arrived into the new one. So taking it would effect the numbers. But I’ll ask my pension fund directly.

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