2nd pillar - what is "Freizügigkeitspolice"

2nd pillar was always somewhere in the back of my mind and I didn’t really pay attention to it everysince I started working in 2017. I had jobs before as a student, but I don’t think I ever earned more than the needed 21’000 a year.

I switched jobs thrice: Once in 2017 (2np pillar with Swisslife), once in 2018 (VSAO) and then back to the former employer in 2019 (2nd pillar Swisslife).

I feel completely dumb, but I had no idea, that I had to transfer 2nd pillar accounts :frowning: So it took I never did that between the first and second employer. Now I checked my Swisslife account and there are two different accounts there:

  • Freizügigkeitskonto
  • Swiss Life Business Protect

From what I’ve read the Freizügigkeitsakonto is most likely due to me not transfering my money out of the Swisslife Account after switching jobs, right? It’s not a huge amount, only like 10000 CHF, but it’s sitting there with 0% interest.
Am I able to transfer it to any Freizügigkeitsaccount like VIAC or Finpension?

Technically you are supposed to send that money into your new Pensionskasse, otherwise your benefits in e.g. invalidity or death might be lower than you expect… but nobody will complain if you don’t.

And yes you can just transfer that money to VIAC or so if you want.

But I am a bit confused as why you have 2 accounts which are both at Swiss Life. Maybe your old accounts did actually get transferred, but they weren’t allowed to include all the money into their Insurance solution so they had to split some into the Freizügigkeits account?

They didn’t transfer the first one to VSAO after I switched jobs. So it got converted in a Freizügigkeitskonto.
When I got back to the old employer they just opened a new account without merging them for whatever reason.
I actually wrote the person responsible for my account about transfering the “Freizügigkeitskonto” to VIAC or Finpension and they said it’s not allowed. I’m still trying to find out if that’s actually true. From what I’ve read you’re allowed to have two accounts in two different institutions.

I know it’s ultimately my fault for not knowing that I have to transfer accounts, but they could’ve merged them. Now the money was just sitting there in a 0% account for them to use for three years.

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