2nd pillar recommendation?

Hi all, my first post in the community… :slight_smile:
Soooo, after 15 years, im taking the plug from corporate world! Taking 6 months off before creating my own startup and self employment activities… exciting!!

So, I need to transfer my 2nd pillar “somewhere” as a temporary solution before I have my GmbH and place it there. Any recommendations where to transfer my 2nd pillar to? I would like to have it invested mostly in ETFs but I’m aware there are limitations…

Im very grateful to be able to have the thoughts from this wise group! Thank you!!

Have a look here :



I would just keep it there.


How is it better than VIAC?

ValuePension has more flexible investment strategies and selection of funds - at least in their corresponding 3rd pillar products (maybe Cortana can confirm if the same is true for their 2nd pillar vested benefits products?)


It’s the same. My 2nd pillar is invested in 80% MSCI World ex CH, 19% MSCI EM and 1% cash. With Viac you have a lot of limitations.


My wife is in exactly the same situation. She is starting her own company and leaving the corporate world behind and we’re assessing options for the LPP2. If I understand well the best options out there right now are Value Pension and VIAC

value pension seems to have the benefit of being based in Schywz

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I agree that Viac and Value Pension are the best. I would split 50/50 between these two.

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funny to be on the same situation - exciting times, hum? :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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splitting is indeed a good idea!

@Carambau did you look at Liberty.ch?

I have not looked into Liberty. ch, will have a look thanks for sharing that info!

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Why ? This sounds time consuming for which benefits ?

risk mitigation i suppose?

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risk mitigation is one
another reason is that you could take the lump sum payments in different fiscal years
or if you have a new pension fund, transfer only one of these two and let the other one invested (remember that most pension funds have a very conservative, low return strategy)


Not transfering in your new pension fund is illegal. Secondly, this will decrease your other insurance benefits.

Could you please elaborate?
I understand that:

  • I can place my total sum right now in a vested accounts and just leave it there for the long run.
  • When I create my own GmbH and/or join another corporation, I can start from zero again.

Do you think the same or am I missing something?

Ardius was talking about changing employers, not becoming an own one. :slight_smile:
In the latter case there should be nothing illegal of course.

Hi Mafalda, first of all welcome to the community :wave:

Congrats, that takes quite some courage but it is super exciting. Out of curiosity in which business field will your startup be operating?

thanks :slight_smile:
Starting 2 projects: one in education and one in tourism - different pace and different markets!

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