2nd pillar pension when leaving Switzerland to EU

Hello, I am curious if it’s possible to receive pension from the mandatory portion of 2nd pillar, provided I’ll leave before retirement age to EU.

I’ve found out that upon leaving Switzerland I can take out the non-mandatory part. But what are the options for the mandatory part? When becoming unemployed we can transfer the funds to a vested benefits account or Substitute Occupational Institution. If I leave Switzerland having the funds in a vested benefits account than most likely I would only get the lump sum upon reaching retirement age. I wonder if I can opt to keep the mandatory part in Substitute Occupational Institution (without further contributions as I’ll be abroad) and claim pension from it later.

No monthly pension, only lump-sum (unless funds from a divorce split).

There’s no legal right to receive a pension from a vested benefits account - so virtually none pays one (if they do, it’s probably unattractively low).

Depending on your time frame, you may prefer a vested benefits foundation that offers fund investments (e.g, finpension, who also seem to offer a quality fund), rather than an interest-bearing account at a low interest rate.


There’s no legal right to receive a pension from a vested benefits account

Sure, but what about Substitute Occupational Institution? It can also be used as vested benefits account, though you can use it as a pension fund when unemployed. If you change jobs and do not explicitly move your 2nd pillar it lands in Substitute Occupational Institution pension fund.

Same thing, for their vesting accounts.

(See art. 17, 4 of their vested benefits accounts plan rules that explicitly spells out that there are only lump-sum payments. They provide vesting accounts similar to other providers.)

You can (and elect a monthly pension), if you’re happy to pay the contributions for a voluntary affiliation with their pension fund plans - which you aren’t, according to your original post.

Ok, I get it, strings attached.