2nd pillar check

Has anyone ever used this service to check if some 2nd pillar got lost?

Someone asked me about it and I didn’t know it was possible (probably even free).

The Guarantee Fund in Berne is the sole national institution that all occupational benefit providers (pension funds, vested benefits institutions) have to report their customer data to on a yearly basis. It’s free, and they‘ll even „find“ your benefits in case of doubt or where your customer data registered with the managing institution is slightly inaccurate (e.g. wrong date of birth), from my experience.

Anyone else claiming to provide such service for free (and there are even apps for that today) will most probably just operate on the back of the Guarantee Fund, forwarding your request to them. And store and use your customer data in the hope of selling you some investment and/or insurance product - for, if anything, only a modicum of added convenience.


Don’t know about this service but I tried once this one and was very happy with the service provided and the smooth process: Finden Sie kostenlos Ihr Vermögen aus der 2.

I used Kala and found CHF 56.-- of 2nd pillar on a lost account.
They proposed me to put to money on one of their product, which I refused and it was done.