2022 CashFlow Game Night in Zurich (3 players needed)

Hello Fellow Mustachians,

I would like to organize a Game Session of Robert Kiyosaki’s CashFlow Boardgame

The event will take place in a local Bar in Zurich details will follow.

I am proposing 3x different evenings, feel free to put your name in the Doodle if you are interested



Cool idea! I played the online version a few years back and it really helped to visualize the idea of having enough passive income, which was a somewhat new concept to me at the time. I think it’s probably worth playing a few more times on your own afterwards (online version can be played on your own) so you can experiment with a few more strategies.

Small heads-up for anyone interested: The game is very focused on real estate (which just happens to be what Kiyosaki sells seminars for… What a coincidence!) and IIRC almost ignores the alternatives, but the mindset carries over very well to good ol’ index fund investing.

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