2016 Tax Refund

Hi everyone,

I live in canton Zurich, have a B permit (Quellensteuer <120 000 CHF per year) and in 2017 I asked to get a refund for taxes paid in 2016 (Pillar 3a etc).

  1. Does anyone know when to expect to get this money back?
  2. Is there anyone of knowing if it has been processed and what the decision has been at the tax authorities?


Mine has already been refunded since november 2017.
When did you fill your claim? It had to be submitted before end of march 2017.

That was interesting!

I sent it before the deadline with registered mail.

it can take any time between 1 and 18 month. the latter happened to me 3 years back.

afaik, no. sorry^^

In my case (not Quellensteuer), the tax man always waits for my next declaration before even processing the previous one. A month later, the bill/refund arrives. While not exactly the same thing as your situation, it shows the flexibility they have.

There is also apparently a backlog with Verrechnungssteuer refunds at the moment, due to an IT project not gone smoothly. No idea whether this could also be of some influence here for you.

Thank you for the input, all of you. I have also received information from a tax advisor that the tax authorities in Zurich currently have some sort of IT issue…