2 issues with Yuh that I find weird

Hi Mustachians

maybe because I am not familiar with this, but there are 2 issues I don’t understand with Yuh

  1. on the pricing factsheets, there are several charges about “dormant accounts”, I don’t know for hong long an inactive account will be considered as “dormant” as for the moment I plan to open an account and use it as an intermediary to transfer the money to IBKR for example when I need to.


To avoid it to be come dormant, Is “retrieving 20 Euros from ATM and then depositing it back regularly” enough?

  1. As Yuh will change its pricing for 2022, I don’t understand why we still don’t have the new pricing info, considering we are less than 2 weeks to 2022… what are they waiting for?


Dormant accounts have nothing to do with inactivity normally, as long as we talk about regular inactivity. A dormant account usually is an account where the bank has no possibility anymore to contact the account holder. It could be for example when you just delete the app rather than closing the account regularly and then you move away and change your phone number, new cards being sent to your old address are being returned etc. Then the account will be flagged as dormant account and the bank will try to investigate your whereabouts. Of course, this is time intensive and therefore will cost money. Of course, if there is a very long time period without any activity, the account could be dormant as well, but if your address and/or phone number is still valid and the bank is able to get in touch with you, it’s not such a big deal as if this is not possible anymore.

As for the 2022 pricing, as far as I know they decided not to introduce a new pricing scheme in 2022.

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Thanks a lot Patron! then why don’t they communicate clearly on their website that the 2022 pricing will be the same? seems unprofessional for me. Also the 1 page PDF pricing with my former link also seems quite amateur, for example there is not even a date on it… :sweat_smile:

I don’t quite see an “issue”. They can change their pricing anytime (as long as they give customers the option to stay on the old plans or the option to cancel in time).

And it’s not as if UBS, CS, PostFinance of cantonal banks always made pre-announcements about new pricing well in advance, did they? Also, I’m pretty sure I’ve read about fees for dormant accounts from them as well.

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