1st/2nd pillar and inflation

Are my previous 1st and 2nd pillar contributions adjusted annually based on inflation? Or something like that?

I struggle to find something comprehensive online.

Both, contributions and pension payments of the 1st pillar, are adjusted for inflation (or rather, based on the “Mischindex”, a mix of a salary index and a price index).

There are no inflation adjustments in the (mandatory) 2nd pillar. The interest rate should on average be above the inflation rate, though. However, the lack of inflation adjustment for pension payments is a big issue, in my opinion (not a concern if you withdraw the 2nd pillar as capital).


Same as jay. A tiny few informations about the “Mischindex” can be found in the OASI leaflet about rents and benefits, page 6 and 15: https://www.ahv-iv.ch/p/3.01.e