1M CHF to invest in ETFs, retire in EU later

Dear fellow forum members,
I have a particular situation. I just got to receive a large sum of money (>1 M CHF) and would like to get your advise on what to do with it?
Particularly I have a few questions:

  1. How to spread the cash into stocks/bonds/cash/private equity/something else? I tend to think to place 30% into cash with 1% interest rate and 70% into world ETFs.
  2. What ETFs do you suggest in context of me wanting to retire in EU (particularly in Croatia where capital gain tax is 0% and dividend tax is 10%)? I see that most of you suggest VT, but VWRL seems to be better for EU people. What stock exchange to use for VWRL and which broker (IB seems the best, available in both Switzerland and Croatia so I don’t need to touch the assets when moving)?
  3. How to time the investment? Over how long period should I transfer the cash into ETFs?

Despite the fact that I am in my 30’s, I’d like to have a conservative investment approach, thus I write 70% into ETF and 30% in cash. I’d like my assets to grow over the next 10-20 years, but all my spendings are expected to come from running salary. I plan to spend everything that I earn on the side of this investment.

If you are serious about it, which I find too early, you should check how they tax accumulating ETFs.

If you stick with European ETFs, you can also think about European (German ?) brokers if it makes you feel better. On the other hand, if your portfolio is 1 to 3 ETFs, you can transfer it relatively cheap to another broker.

Kassenobligationen in CHF, up to 10 years investment term, up to 100k per bank insured in case of bankruptcy.

This is fine and if it suits you, stay with it.

But you also have to decide if and how often you rebalance.

To decrease volatility and profit from the rebalancing premium, you have to rebalance. Band-based approach could be a good option for a long run. Or just do it biannually/yearly, more often is not very useful.

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Don’t optimize for that. You’re better off changing your allocation to optimize for your target country when you actually move.

Heh, this forum is super biased I don’t think it’s very conservative.


Assume this new 1M is not all the NW you have?
Part of it probably in 2nd pillar already, any current investments?
Best to look at it in the context of everything else you have.


Read your post that you are relatively new to investment. Hence, I would keep things very simple:

This will give you 70% global shares and 30% EUR hedged Global Bonds. Important: Take the 80% one as Distributing - you will need these funds to pay Taxes resulting from your 1M Investment (both Wealth Tax and Tax on Re-Invested Dividends).
If you don’t do anything, the percentage will over 20-30 years (given distributions on the 80% one ) drift to probably 65-68%; but that is fine.