ZH Private Tax, where can I fill in sold shares?

Last year I sold one of my positions completely without adding anything to it the whole year. Now I’m trying to declare this in my tax, but I’m only able to add shares, see here: I had 381 shares at the start of the year and sold 381 shares at the end of the year. But I’m not able to add I sold only as if I had bought. Any ideas? Is that a glitch or am I just too stupid to understand what I have to do?

The list in the “Art/Grund” dropdown has further options. Scroll down using your mouse wheel or the tiny scrollbar until you see “Verkauf”.

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Fuck me I’m stupid. I tried that in another browser and it worked. I’ve no idea why I wasn’t able to do it in my main browser. Should’ve tried that earlier :slight_smile: Thanks for the help

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