Wochenaufenthalter? Working in another canton

trying to collect tips and tricks for working in a distant place from home canton.
So far I understand that if I spend working week outside of my canton of residence I can exempt cost of living there from my PIT.
In My case BL->VD

Perhaps someone has experience in such situation and can share it?

What is the frugallest way to rent something to live there?

You work in Vaud and live in Baselland? You have to check specifically for Vaud then since they might be unhappy that you pay taxes in BL. If you are single you might be able to do it for some time but after a while they start being agressive. I was lucky for a while but then I had to change even if I was really being a W…alter, barely using my apartment during the week.

Some cantons are very agressive and don’t care if you have a second place where you “live”.

It’s easier if you have a family.

I am Wochenaufenthalter, I kept my residence at my parent’s place. I had to fill some paperwork how often I am coming back why do I want to be Wochenaufenthalter etc. They had to approve it. (Gemeinde of your weekly/work residence).

I have B permit and I earn bellow 120k a year so I was not able to do a normal tax return. Overall I saved some money on taxes (not that much, unfortunately, my parents do not live in Zug or Schwyz ) + I could deduct the maximum amount for travelling to work. The main reason for me was a hassle with changing addresses everywhere, number plates on the car etc. + I am living in WG so I did not know how those things will be working out.

I do have a family with a little child attending kita.
and I’m not yet employed. but I need to be clear before the interview what’s what to avoid situation when remuneration is cannibalised by extra cost of living.

I’d personally not do that if the pay is like double any amount you can get at home.
Life is short…YOLO etc… :slight_smile:

not do what? could you clarify?

Relocation is not an option right now.

I wouldn’t accept a job that make me live 5 day a week away from my family. If you are single it’s OK.

I see. I wish I could have that luxury of choice. )

I did it for a few years in various places, as a single.
VD-BL should work.
You have v good reason to only be in VD due to work Mo-Fr (due to family)
You can reduce taxable income in BL by:

  • rent in VD (actual rent, but usually to a max of CHF 800 or 1000 p.m. is allowed)
  • all your meals in VD (pauschal about CHF 30 per working day)
  • train to-from weekly (GA probably)
    It all adds up to about 20k.
    Frugallest is probably WG or studio.
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