Withholding tax for domestic workers with C permit

I just called SVA Zurich because I thought they made a mistake when they asked me to pay 5% Quellesteuer for my cleaning lady, who has C permit. I was sure I did not have to pay that because she needs to do the declaration herself.

Now, because my Schwiitzerrdutch is not tip top I might not have understood everything the guy said, but he clearly said that there is no error and I need to pay (and thus withhold from her wage) the taxes.

I though of asking for your experiences here. Thanks!

If you’ve chosen “Vereinfachte Abrechnung mit Steuerabzug” with the SVA, 5% tax withholding is correct. This applies independent of citizenship or resident permit. I.e. even Swiss employees get 5% tax withholding in these cases.

See Haushaltshilfe anstellen - was tun? Kurz erklärt


Thing is, I don’t know where I have chosen anything! I only contacted SVA once for my previous cleaning lady and when I entered the info about the new one on the SVAEasy portal I was not asked anything about type of permit or “Vereinfachte Abrechnung mit Steuerabzug”.

Also, they sent her AHV card to me instead than to her. So I had the feeling that they could be making mistakes on other things too.