Withdrawing money abroad in 2022

Hold up, can someone elaborate on this one? So you get unlimited money withdrawals without a fee? What’s the catch here?

I am currently looking for a travel setup as I’ll be visiting Croatia and need Kuna. I already ordered a Revolut card, which gives me 200CHF withdrawal and I am looking forward to order the Wise card as well.

Can someone instruct me on what the cheapest setup is?

EDIT: Had another link in here, but they only accept UK customers. Also Wise seems to not offer a CH IBAN is that correct? Can I deposit CHF there? In theory, I could deposit enough CHF to convert to 400€ in Revolut, transfer 200€ to wise for free (SEPA?) and then withdraw 200€ from Revolut and 200€ from Wise, right?

Yes, if you are an active member, that means deposit minimum 700 EUR per month. What are you doing with these money afterwards is not relevant. I transfer EUR to flatex and invest via their saving plans.

Now they have switched to Visa debit directly linked to your account, so there are even no minimums for withdrawals now.

But I guess you need to deposit EUR :confused: You ofc, could do some revolut magic and all, but this seems like too much work. Maybe I should open a new thread with my question.

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If you travel to Croatia, make sure to take a bigger amount of cash with you. Withdrawing Kuna in Croatia at the ATM is rather expensive. You’ll get better rates changing CHF or EUR to Kuna directly in one of the money exchanges.

I can also highly recommend DKB: never had any issues with them, and they even refunded me ATM fees from Thailand (even though that was some years ago - I think they changed that in the meantime)

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Revolut does real time conversion at market rates up to like 1K+ or so and 200CHF can be withdrawn without any fees. Wherever I can, I’ll use my neon card to pay without any markup fees.

I highly doubt that echanging EUR or CHF to Kuna in person is cheaper than the mastercard/revolut rate without fees.


It depends where in Croatia you go. You might not be able to pay with card in some places. I was in Zagreb in 2018, and back then a lot of places only took cash.

Yeah this is exactly why I am looking to get a Wise card as well, they would give me another 200€ of cash withdrawal.

I am traveling with a local and he told me that in most restaurants they do accept cards. Also: Croatia isn’t really that expensive (compared to Switzerland or Germany lol).

Do what you want. I’m just sharing my experiences from 2018, where I was lucky that I had some cash with me. If you can’t pay with your card, your mastercard/Revolut rate won’t help you. Maybe it changed in the meantime. Curious to hear feedback when you are back.

Thanks for your insights.

That’s exactly why I want those cards, they allow me to withdraw ± 400CHF without any fees. I can even withdraw some money now to have like 600-800€ or so combined in cash - that should suffice for me (hotels etc. are all paid)

And worst case, I pay those 1.5% fees from Neon for withdrawals not in CHF and all will be good.



Charge Revolut with CHF from a credit card, exchange CHF to EUR, send EUR to DKB (instant SEPA transfer): 2 minutes.

If I don’t need EUR in my DKB account, SEPA transfer to flatex (2 minutes). I have two saving plans to buy 1 ETF on 1st and 15th of every month, and I adjust invested amount as needed. If you want, flatex can even debit your bank account, but I prefer not to allow this.

In Croatia, you will not (or very hardly) be able to withdraw at any “regular bank” ATM (my experience across many locations in the last 2-3 years).
The bastards are blocking it, some even don’t open the card slot mechanically when they recognize a Revolut card. :rofl:

You can only do so at the blue-yellow “commercial” ones (Euronet I believe?), which charge their own fees (both forex and withdrawal itself).

So I wouldn’t count on that free withdrawal with Revolut.

Cheapest option in that case is to use your regular debit card to withdraw, and accept whatever local fees are (they will be lower than the Euronet ATMs for sure).

Alternatively (actually probably the best), get HRK from that friend of yours, and send them the equivalent CHF via Revolut or whatever.

True, but at the seaside in high season - be ready to pay at least 1/2 of the CH prices (in good restaurants).


Report these banks to Mastercard/Visa. They are violating their contracts with the card networks. The Mastercard/Visa brand is worth nothing if cards are randomly denied. If enough people complain, it might help in the long term. Sparkasse in Germany did the same for DKB cards and they were forced to accept the cards.


Nice! behail warriors of cheapprice!

But this is fantastic lol, maybe there is an easy way to report them.

What about DKB cards? :rofl:

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Will do my best! :grin:
Thanks for the tip, do you maybe know what target (address) to report to?

You can just use the VISA customer service and write them an E-Mail

So we’ve got

  • Revolut for 200CHF
  • Wise for 200CHF
  • And DKB for unlimited, but with the obligation to give them 700€ every month…

God damit, why is holding cash so expensive :smiley:

If you have a Crypto card, you can also get between 200 & 1000 Eur free ATM withdrawal per month, pends on which card you have.

Having to open an account with them in the first place. Also you need to have monthly incoming payments of 700€ in the three preceding months (or apply and get approved for their 2.49€/month credit card).

No refunds for ATM withdrawal fees anymore, no.

There are said to be loopholes in those that they don’t have to have every ATM/location accepting all brands. Also, keep in mind that banks don’t necessarily have a contract with on or the other card scheme, depending on their own issuing of cards (many Sparkassen issue Mastercard brands rather than VISA).

…or… they weren’t.

I just recently came across a Sparkasse location where they didn’t accept VISA cards at ATMs. Happened to be at their main location/HQ in a city.

To be fair, they at least didn’t selectively block or restrict DKB cards by issuer as others have done, they didn’t advertise VISA at all (though they did have signs a sticker with pretty much other card network except VISA).

You shouldn’t put metal cards into ATMs, so Idk if I’d risk getting one of them lol