Wire transfer to Revolut account.Money never arrived!Help!

Hello, i did a local wire transfer from my Swiss CLER Bank to my Revolut account (Credit Suisse Banque) the 6th of March of 627.- and until today 17th the money didn’t arrive.
I did already several wire transfers since last 2 years an usually takes maximum 2 working days.

-I contacted already 4 times Revolut support, i explained everything, sent proof of the transfer, but they can’t find the transfer and they said to contact the sender bank.

-contacted the sender CLER Bank and they confirm that the money was transferred to the Revolut account.

-contacted Credit Suisse(Revolut account) and they said this type of problem happens everyday with Revolut.

I had write the correct Reference in the transfer.

So what can i do? Someone’s had the same issue or experience with Revolut?

Thanks for your help;)

I know someone had an issue because of the stupid way Zak store previous transactions. He didn’t see that the ref number wasnt stored as well, so he sent the money without it. After a few chat with some low level support from Revolut, he finally talked with someone with more experience that sent the money to the right account, after seeing a lot of screenshots from Zak.

I spoke already with 5 or 6 different people in Revolut, and they said the money didn’t arrive and i need contact the sender Banque Cler to do a investigation and recall the transfer.
Today i called Cler to do a investigation and they said that is not guaranteed they will find where is the money.
Is it possible that the bank lost the transfer? Anyway the support service from CLER Bank is horrible.

It happened to me once.
Revolut couldn’t find my transfer but they were able to locate it after searching for some time. Had something to do with the reference number not properly assigned in their system.

Push them once again. I honestly think it is much less likely that Credit Suisse or CLER fucked up a simple transfer than Revolut.

Are you sure that the “motif de paiement” is correct ?

Based on what I see on my account, it should be:

Your number,
First name Last name,

“Cler --> Revolut” may create an issue when trying to allocate the money. Normally, Revolut would send the money back. It happened to me once.

You should ask for the swift MT confirmation message to Cler. An information you can then send to Revolut for investigation.

Is Cler using a 3rd party to manage their “trafic des paiements” ? The money may be lost “in between”.

I had a similar issue when I closed my 3rd pillar A with Credit Agricole Financement last year to transfer it to UBS. The account was held with Liberty Foundation who uses Valiant to manage their payments.
They mentioned the wrong beneficiary. UBS sent the money back to Valiant who never informed Credit Agricole Financement neither Liberty Foundation. The money was “in the clouds” for a week before they were able to find it.

The good news is that the money is never lost. It is there somewhere :slight_smile:

Yes it’s true, my mistake in the “motif de paiement” i have added “Cler—>Revolut” so i think that is the issue.

The money never came back even after 11 days.

What is the swift MT?

I don’t have idea if they use a 3rd party.

Thank you;)

It’s a standard domestic transfer vom CLER to Credit Suisse.

99% the issue is at Revolut’s side.

But it should be bounced back to my Cler account automatically if the transfer had a problem no?

It has most likely arrived on Revolut’s account with CS but hasn’t been automatically associated/assigned to and then credited to your personal Revolut account.

I don’t see why or how it should automatically be reverted - it’s going to be credited to your Revolut balance or sent back to your originating account at Cler if and when someone bothers to do anything about it. That might need some poking and prodding.

That’s my assumption. But a standard domestic transfer isn’t hard at all and very unlikely to go wrong.

It should be credited back to Cler indeed.

The swift is a communication system between banks.They use it to send information/messages. Message is always MTxxx. Xxx = number depending of the information exchanged. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/SWIFT_message_types

The swift part is probably correct, cler did send the money to CS on Revolut’s account. Otherwise it would have been already sent back. The problem lies on Revolut’s booking. Logical, isn’t it?

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Just chat with Revolut. I also had once the same Situations. You just need tu use their Chat if you want to contact them. They still put the money on my Revolut Account.

Might be good to have a few screenshots / confirmations from CLER ready to send (e.g. confirmation that bank account is yours, like photo of a statement, and screenshot of the transfer made, including reference details).

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I sent already all PDF and Screenshots with the proof of the transfer, but live agents from Revolut insist that the money never arrived and can’t do anything else.
This morning i contacted Ombudsman(swiss banking) and they said that have more cases like me, so they suggested to contact Cler bank and ask for “Recherche de paiement”, after that i contacted Cler for proceed and i need to pay 50.- to this service.
Will see what’s happening next, waiting since the 06.03.2020 is frustrating .To be continued…

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Hello Mustachians, yesterday i received one email from Revolut saying that my transfer was returned,i received the money in my original account today.Thank you


…which - if it was Revolut that sent the E-Mail - proves that the money in fact did arrive in their account. Otherwise they wouldn’t know about it.

Did they state why it was returned?

Exactly the money was from the beginning in their account(Credit Suisse).They just said the money was rejected and was transferred to my original account and they explained how to proceed to do the local wire transfer(name, reference number and country).

Not professional. It’s weird that the money is not returned automatically or that nobody checks when the amount isn’t assigned to one account. For me it’s basic money management

Did you initiate the "Recherche de paiement” or did the issue sort itself out without it?

I initiate de “Recherche de paiement” the 18th with the bank Cler, but apparently they did nothing until yesterday, so the issue solved itself(after 20 days).

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