wiLLBe banking app

Any reason to prefer wiLLBe over Radicant?

To me, Radicant’s worth 0.05% less interest because it’s got Swiss guarantees.

I have both. I summed my comparison up as follows in the Radicant thread:


It has Swiss guarantees? Where is it stated? Cash at WillBe is protected up to CHF 100k.

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This morning had an interesting conversation with my bank, did a transfer yesterday to wiLLBe and my bank blocked it and asked me if I was sure about the transfer, if I knew this bank, the risk, etc. I am feed up with banks calling for my own security and just blocking my money :triumph: Any similar feedback?

I actually went to Alpian with my short term cash. Once it drops below 100k I would switch back to wiLLBe (hopefully by that time I have either spend the cash or given up on the project and invested back in shares).

I had quite a long fight to get my money from wiLLBe to Alpian as the income transfer that I did from Alpian to validate the account necessary for transfer out of wiLLBe was not recognized. The issue was at the end that wiLLBe has a hard time detecting income transfers from multi currency accounts.
Now after seveal mails with the client service it’s all set up and the money transfered.

If they do not know Liechtensteinische Landesbank, then I would probably change the bank (TKB, SGKB, TKB and AKB are offering free bank accounts, for instance).

Especially if the beneficial owner is you and they are still blocking the transfer.

Yeah, the beneficial is me and they want to keep my money and pay shitty interests! :unamused:

It was a pure financial decision. I have 170k in cash right now so Alpian gives me a better yield than wiLLBe for this amount.

The problem with the multi currency account was the incoming IBAN number. I assumed and entered the IBAN from my Alpian account but apparently this is the IBAN for the multi currency account and for outgoing CHF transactions there is a sperate IBAN.

From the app perspective I really like that in wiLLBe it shows me “live” the generated yield. Beside that I don’t like (but understand) that there are pushing you within the app to go with their investment solution (same applies for Alpian as well). But yeah I guess that is where they would make their money, so it’s ok.

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To add Raiffeisen Winterthur with 2.25% p.a. for this fiscal year:


I like that Viac guarantees 1.8% until 2025, whereas Cembra can lower rates without prior notice. Any other reasons to prefer Cembra over Viac for <20k cash?

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Yeah that is a good point.
I really hope that we can decide on doing the project that we plan for in our house or not relatively soon that I could move the cash into the stock market again. I’m not feeling to good about having so much cash sitting around. I feel that Mrs and myself are getting greedy and buy stuff where we would have thought twice about it before or at least having negotiated with the vendor :joy:

Also, WIR charging 2.- per payment is a little pooh-pooh, isn’t it :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: