wiLLBe banking app

I have transferred a big chunk of my cash to wiLLBe. But now I m thinking: they have the Liechtensteinische Landesbank AG logo in their website, and also the wiLLBe website design shows them as a proper bank.

But how can I ensure they are really who they say they are and not a scam?
Prob I should have asked myself this question before I transferred my cash xD

Interestingly, I haven’t found anything about wiLLBe on https://www.llb.li/ :rofl:


Go to web site of the financial regulatory authority for the country.*
Look for a list/database of supervised entities on the regulator‘s web site and search for the financial service provider‘s contact details.
Contact them and ask the, if the offer and app are genuinely theirs.

* Their address often being - or linked to by - a government (sub-) domain. In the case of Liechtenstein, the trail may be a bit harder to establish - but being an EEA member state, the Liechtenstein Finanzmarktaufsicht is linked on the European Union‘s web site (e.g. here).

That’s key for any bank - be it fake or real.


I email them and confirm that wiLLBe is authentic:
“As an integrated and independent supervisory authority, the FMA supervises the financial market participants of the Liechtenstein financial center. Liechtensteinische Landesbank AG is subject to supervision by the Liechtenstein Financial Market Authority (FMA). wiLLBe is a digital platform of Liechtensteinische Landesbank AG.”


Hi there !

Have you tried to deposit to WiLLbe account or withdraw from it with IBRK ? I guess it can be problematic because brokerage accounts are typically Omnibus accounts without a personal IBAN assigned what most probably breaks their validated account rule.

“A validated account is a registered account that is specified when creating a savings plan/standing order and validated when the first successful deposit is made. An account can be registered but not yet validated. The registered account must be in the customer’s name in order to be validated”

“Due to legal requirements, we can only accept payments where the account holder of the sender account matches the wiLLBe customer.”

I would like to park temporarily my USD that I have currently at IBRK at willBe instant access account without transferring it to CHF first - I have Swiss bank account and can transfer them through it.


You‘re giving the reason yourself. The account holder is IBKR.

Always as much as possible, anytime.

Opened yesterday, transferred assets today.
1.55% p.a. without boundaries seems fair to me.

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I went with wiLLBe.
20 char

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It takes 5 minutes to open a willbe account and the 1.55% yield is also served monthly. The money is not blocked for a certain period. Glad with them at the moment.


I’ve opened a willbe account too, mainly for the tax money.
Is there a way to open subaccounts/spaces ?

Use your favourite spreadsheet application.

Hi, does anyone have a referral code for WiLLBe?

Feel free to send me via private message!

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I don’t think there are any referal codes - don’t find anything like this in my app… Just register and enjoy :slight_smile:

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Hi, does anyone know if the wiLLBe app can be configured in English? When I try to register I see that everything is in German and don’t find the way to change the language.

The system language of my smartphone is English, wiLLBe is in English as well.

Ja, mine is in English too. It is there :blush: No idea where I selected that though. And couldn’t find a setting to change language in the App “auf die schnelle”.

So I opened my account at wiLLBe and made a small deposit.

Just to confirm with the folks here, but up to 100k individually we are covered, and also in the Cash Savings acount with the 1.55% at the time, there are no limits, fees or notices for withdrawing funds is that correct? I am not 100% after reading all the legalese…

+1 on board.

I will be sending some tax money to keep there in between.
(And consider it as a “bridge” while I argue with UBS and their offers “for new money only” :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:)

Same, I have money there as well.
Would like to go with the special offer from TKB, but I don’t want to have boundaries in case I need cash.

thanks @Dr.PI for moving my messages here. I wasn’t aware of this thread.

I had opened the account and made a small deposit. All went ok and now I topped up for real. Even their rates over 50K are much higher than the ones at UBS for the ones with reasonable withdrawal limits (1.25% vs 0.75%).

is it really monthly? From their FAQ is says it’s every quarter. Maybe it was just the timing? Not sure if anyone can confirm this, just out of curiosity.

Lastly I still need to check but it seems like they have a really good exchange rate which can come up useful as well. I haven’t run the numbers but I guess it’s not as good as the one on IBKR, but it seems to be “legal”. But I don’t really know how to do this. Where did you guys create a second account in another currency (let’s say EUR)? And then is it possible to transfer from a wiLLBe CHF account to a wiLLBe EUR/USD account?

Does anyone have the numbers for a comparison between lets say wiLLBe, IBKR and Revolut for a given amount (like 100k CHF). If not then when I have time I will do it myself and share here.

Edit: I found the button on the bottom right to create a new cash account. Once the EUR one appears I will experiment.