Whole Grain Flour for Bread Machine

Does anyone have experience with making its own bread in Switzerland? Is it worth it? Where do you get the best value for whole-grain flour?

I don’t make it with a machine but if you can get bakery flour it’s usually a bit better than what you can find at migros or coop. For example moulins de cossonay in Vaud. I guess you can ask your local baker where he gets it.

I usually buy pre-mixed 2.5 kg for 7.5chf at landi. The bread is really good!
They also have “tresse” for 8 or 9chf per 2.5 kg which is excellent as well (especially when you just program the machine to mix for your wake-up, and do the shaping + egg spreading manually followed by oven cooking)

I do it sometimes on weekends, but mostly for fun.
Last week I tried this baguette recipe and it worked quite nicely: https://www.privatkoch-hamburg.de/franzoesisches-baguette-backen/

500g of random flour and 20 minutes of electricity for the oven gave me bread for a week (3 smallish baguettes). It’s probably worth it.
But the first time you do it, you will probably “waste” one day while excitedly waiting for the dough to rise. :smiley:

I want to try this:

But it takes some space in the kitchen and it’s something you have to plan well.

Bread made from the bread machine is light years worse than store bought bread. I did it for a while, then I stopped. I used the machine to prepare the dough for pizzas.

You can try to do a poolish, it gives much nicer results without much effort.
You take more or less half of the total flour needed, add the same amount of water and a bit of yeast.
Let it rest overnight or max 24h, then add the rest of ingredients (and rest of yeast).

We do our own bread since half a year. And I must say, it’s a lot better than bought one from Migros or Coop - and we can choose Swiss Bio flour. I love to try new receipts, always tasty and fresh bread. We bought this machine here: https://www.galaxus.ch/de/s2/product/panasonic-sd-zb2502bxa-brotbackautomat-256749
You can even program the desired end-time, so you can prepare in the evening and have fresh bread in the morning. Flour we buy directly from a mill near where we live: https://muehleschoenenbuehl.ch/ they sell 5 kg bags.

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aah you do the same error I usually do (though I only do it when speaking). Recipes, not receipts :slight_smile:

I used to do my own bread with a bread machine but then I stopped and used the machine only to prepare doughs for pizzas :slight_smile: The biggest issues were the awfully loud beeps the machine does (I can’t start it during the night for fresh bread in the morning) and also the quality that was inferior to some breads I buy (imho). Also apparently eating too much bread is unhealty. :frowning:

Of course i meant recipes :wink: thanks for the hint. Well as long as you eat whole-wheat flour there’s no issue with eating too much :wink: we add alot of other ingedients like seeds

Actually Landi has a great range of flours and if you like to do bread yourself, there is really a book I can highly recommend - Flour Water Salt Yeast by Ken Forkish. Just google pictures “Ken Forkish” and see what kind of bread he is doing. Really not rocket science and the bread and pizza dough will be probably the best you ever tasted. Why bread and pizza - Ken Forkish has a bakery and pizzaria called “Ken Artisan” in Portland and had great success with that so that he wrote that book.

Ooh swiss prices :frowning: