Who is hiring in IT?

Since a good portion of us is in IT, I was wondering if any of you know if their company is hiring or have any other idea to share/PM me.

I need new challenges.

Hi ma0,

I have been sourcing my jobs exclusively on LinkedIn for the past 5 years.
I’ve also been contacted by recruiters thanks to the same platform.
Nice ways to filter, by title, region, company, skills etc

Good luck !


Yes, Linkedin is currently a very valid way to go.

I don’t know. I had more success with indeed.ch but I find it annoying, since its search is fulltext without intelligence.
LinkedIn seems a bit better but I’m still looking for a more personalised way.

Linkedin is the best for this. I browse jobs regularly out of curiosity and because I’m a shameless serial job hopper. Frankly speaking, almost all IT companies are hiring, it’s a constant process (partly due to growth, partly due to constant rotation).

It all boils down to the skill set. My impression is that Java developer is the most demanded employee on this planet. But other niches have lots of offers too. I’m a DevOps/SRE specializing in Ansible, currently migrating to Kubernetes/Docker specialization, and I can’t complain on lack of job offers in Switzerland (even in my team we’re looking for more than a year a candidate with similar experience and willingness to learn).

Well, my job slowly changed under my butt and now I am in a weird situation where my freshest hard skills are those I use on my hobbies. My professional skills are instead linked to java/c# but also to many more devops oriented stuff, sadly I’m not an expert on anything.
I believe that 90% of the skill set asked on those jobs can be learned in a few weeks. What can’t be learned easily are some other skills related to software design, which anyway shouldn’t be required for a new job. Who is hiring their main architect this way?

These questions are asked only by companies that can afford this kind of selection process, that is big and rich companies, like Google. Most smaller companies are interested in hiring a person that can get shit done - no matter whether he understands theoretical computer science behind the implementation task or not.

BTW. My usual recommendation is to go for interviews. I recommend this even to people who don’t want to change jobs. Interviews are worth exercising, one can monitor market better and how marketable are his own skills, one can learn a lot, compare own company to others - there are thousands of benefits. I think everyone should go for an interview at least once a year.


Do you recommend interviews directly with companies or with recruiters?

I tend to contact directly companies, especially when somebody can recommend me, but if there’s no such option, I apply with help of a recruiter (sometimes they have useful tips, as it’s in their interest to help you get a job).

One more tip: in the first stage, when company considers inviting you for an interview, HR, managers and team leaders usually look at three things: CV, LinkedIn profile and GitHub projects (or technical blog, etc). I’d recommend pimping up these three to shine like a diamond. That’s especially important for juniors joining the job market. Seniors don’t need to care because they have experience in CV and network of friends and colleagues who can recommend them.

Ah yeah, another tip, networking is super helpful. It’s worth investing in professional relationships (for example, regularly meeting with current and former colleagues). I personally had more than half of my jobs partially thanks to the strong recommendations.


Interestingly, someone (privetly) has told me that my problem is that I’m not growing attached to my company. Well, I have more business and consulting oriented mindset. I don’t treat my job as marriage, but like a service contract. I consider myself a freelance consultant, even if I have a normal job contract. In any case, currently I enjoy my team and my project a lot. I learn a lot, I have autonomy over my work and I work with nice people - I might stay longer there. But ultimately my goal is to be financial independent consultant doing short-term contracts in interesting projects (not necessarily in IT).

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