Which data subscription from IBKR for realtime VT prices?

Which data subscription in IBKR does one need to subscribe to, to get the realtime price of VT or other stocks (ARCA preferred)? I’m too lazy to use Yahoo finance which sometimes also has a 15min delay.

You don’t really need a subscription, you can simply use the “snapshot” at the moment you want to buy it.

It costs about $0.01 and you have $1 worth of snapshots for free per month IIRC.


Edit: @Gesk beat me to it but here it is.

I have enabled the snapshot quote service. Getting the snapshot price for US stocks costs $0.01 and $0.03 for most of the other classes.

The fees are waived up to the first dollar so if you are not day trading it’s practically free.

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I don’t like to use the snapshot feature on every purchase. I want to see the realtime prices in the Watchlists and Portfolio. Funnily enough the P/L values are updated based on the realtime price but the market price lags behind.

I use yahoo finance data

What is the problem with that?

So I used to pay for it, it’s something like 1 USD per month (iirc), you have to pick the right exchange (ARCA for my ETFs).

Maybe it was this one? NYSE American, BATS, ARCA, IEX and Regional Exchanges (Network B) Top of Book (L1)

(given the price I didn’t care much but still made me feel bad to pay for it every month when I trade only a couple of times per year, now I use snaphots)

I have some fun money for day trading experiments, that’s the background. Realtime ARCA data would be sufficient indeed. I’ll check the one suggested by nabalzbhf out.

I’m curious, since it’s also for VT, won’t the snapshot be somehow redundant as the volumes guarantee a very low spread?

@MrCheese could you let us know the actual cost for full realtime quotes, once you activate it?

You could have a low spread with a thin book (and let the market maker benefit from it). Personally I like have a limit order between the spread, there’s often even less fees as you’re adding liquidity (depends on exchanges though).