Which Bank Spending Account?

Hey everyone!

I`m too old for my Youth-Bankaccount and therefore looking for some alternative.

I`m still a student but not for too long anymore. I will probably not be able to invest for a couple of years (3-4).

So according to my research, the UBS ´Campus` or BEKB ´Ausbildungskonto´ seem to be the best option:

  • no yearly account fee
  • credit cards, no yearly fee
  • 0.25% interest
  • all other fees seem almost identical to most alternatives

Changing my bank account when I`m not a student anymore is free and quick right?
Which other bank would you recommend as a spending account?

do a quick search on the forum. We talk a bit about bank accounts.
Since you are a student, I would suggest you the Viva accounts from CS. Have a look for the Student’s one. I think it has the best deal, or at least it was 2 years ago when I ckecked.

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Thank you!
CS Viva Students actually has 0.5% interest on spending accounts and 1% interest on savings account. Much better than the 0.25% flat.
Otherwise it seems to be the same.

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