Which are your delighters?

Beyond finding the cheapest offer, what are your delighters in your existing banking and broker relationships? I would like to hear mustachian observations of particularly good products and services.

e.g. Call-back when using Luxembourg Spuerkees creditcard abroad gave me a good feeling of someone watching over me.

Post Finance had a Western Union integration in their e-banking tool until 2017, offering easy remittances to developping countries. It was very useful to plan holidays in Mongolia.

Looking forward to your inputs. Happy Holidays!


What a positiveChristmas post :christmas_tree:

Not brokers or banks but VIAC and Finpension: Cheapest 3 pillar providers but paradoxically excellent customer service. They respond to questions promptly and are knowledgeable and fight our corner re keeping down fees and improving offering. VIAC even has a chat service and Finpension a website with comprehensive articles and Q&A


Neon (though not a bank strictly speaking):

  • Good customer service: quick, efficient, multilingual, Swiss-based
  • When I transferred in an unusual amount they directly called to check, meaning they seem to have functioning internal processes and controls
  • New card design (free of charge) after one year
  • International payments through Wise integration
  • Regularly making partnerships and offering affiliated deals (some a bit scammier or let’s say “sponsored” than others but I personally found the one with Infomaniak interesting enough)
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I’m old school, I appreciate very much being known personally in the local branch of my bank (Raiffeisen), having timely and easy access to a dedicated friendly human being who’ll meet me in person whenever I ask for it and takes care of what I ask to the best of their ability.

It doesn’t replace doing my own due diligence and knowing what I want for myself but I find it still very helpful to anchor my confidence in the future.


They may be calling not only for your sake - but also their own, since they have to refund transactions that you didn’t authorise. :wink:

That said, the times they called me as a security check, I had made significant unusual transactions (bank transfers) to third parties. Therefore I found their call reasonable and appropriate. Without being overzealous, I have to say. Other banks did bother me for small amounts, just for being an international transfer.

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