Where to find frugal friends?

Great to see the growth in the forum community, and correspondingly in our “dashboard”. :slight_smile:
We are at 124 entries now!

For newcomers and those who didn’t fill it in yet - please do so if you will :slight_smile:

where can we see the results? I’d love to meet the guys here in Geneva and exchange opinions

What do you mean?
The “results” are the dashboard, and you can find organized meetups (not in these times though) in the Meetups section of the forum I suppose.

I filled the usernamer. I was hoping to find ppl by region.
I would say that meetups are fine if we are not many and wisk masks/gel

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I see!
I didn’t think of exposing individual usernames, but I suppose if people felt ready to provide them (voluntarily), they wouldn’t mind them being seen. :slight_smile:

Let me check what I can do.
If in the meantime anyone has something against it let me know.

P.s. to adapt to these times, a meetup could also be organized virtually on a video call I guess. :slight_smile:

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If people provided their username at a time when it wasn’t exposed in the results (only showing aggregates by region), then I don’t think it’s a good idea to change that retroactively.


Makes sense.
Regarding this matter I would go with a unanimity rule.
Given that there are people who wouldn’t feel comfortable, we will leave it as is.

And I suggest to @alex_adc opening a (Coffee/Meetups) thread for the location/canton of his preference - that way people that want to “expose” themselves can chime in. :grin:

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Thank you :smiley:
Replying to @_name, i imagine you would only see the results (aggregated by region) after submitting the questionnaire.

Unfortunately our dash is not in an advanced state like that to have such access control. :slight_smile:
Everyone can see it whether they have filled in the survey or not.

Bumping this bad boy a bit, since we have some recent newcomers:

146 and counting!

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The highest numbers of users are living in the most populous cantons. Hardly surprising.

Saving a five figure amount to me, I wouldn’t be paying them.
No, health insurance and the tax office would need to pay me.

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Can’t pay income tax if you have no income!


I like this poll. But would it be possible to show the number of mustachians divided by the population of each canton? I guess it is normal to have more mustachian in big canton like Zurich…

edit: first raw estimates.
Canton Zurich 0.3% of mustachians,
Canton Zug 0.7% of mustachians

more than twice as much in Canton Zug. Does that mean that mustachians like tax heavens :slight_smile:

Nah, that just means that people living in tax heavens are more likely to fill online polls. :stuck_out_tongue:


Haha that would be an interesting piece of information, but I guess there are a couple of biases/confounding variables that might render it useless. :smiley:


I’d argue that mustachianism isn’t about saving taxes and fixed costs relative to the area you live in and more about being a badass through being frugal (that is, using your muscles and brain where others would roll out cash and outsource what could build character and physique either to other people (buying services) or engines). For an example of a mustachian utopia, I’d use this post from MMM himself: https://www.mrmoneymusacache.com/2013/07/16/a-badass-utopia/

He doesn’t address taxes, health insurance or the housing market. I’d say FIRE would deal more with geoarbitrage and saving on local costs of life. It’s strange and I hadn’t thought about it until now but I’d say there are some differences between mustachianism and the FIRE movement.

I doubt this should be much of a consideration. Mustachians are a very small fraction of the population no matter where you are. So you’re more likely to find mustachian friends in larger cities, otherwise differences are negligible.

Ok then not simply mustachians, but similar, like minded people. When I check how people vote in referendums, then most of the time I share the beliefs of people in ZG or SZ, and mostly differ with the west of Switz.

Most of my life I’ve lived in a city, but I’m a person who notices noises and is easily irritated by them, especially if they’re caused by inconsiderate people.

Yes, if you want to maximise that your neighbors have these characteristics that makes sense :slightly_smiling_face:

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