Where do you buy your DIY supplies?

For instance, I’m trying to build a 2 meter shelf in my kitchen. I initially wanted to make a floating shelf since all my walls are concrete, but I can’t buy the metal brackets anywhere: Do It doesn’t have it, Obi, coop bau… No one. All they have are those ugly off white triangle brackets like you’d use to build shelves in your workshop or garage, i.e. where esthetics don’t matter as much as cost. Example: https://www.obi.ch/regalboeden-moebelbauplatten/obi-konsole-gaia-weiss-155-mm-x-220-mm/p/3395589

All I could find, on all these stores is this one: https://www.obi.ch/regalboeden-moebelbauplatten/regaltraeger-belt-312-mm-x-110-mm-x-30-mm-schwarz/p/3828068… But ONLY Obi has it (other stores don’t have anything resembling that), and even then you have to go to the store, order it (not possible to order online or over the phone, you have to BE THERE), come back again when they have it later to pick it up… No delivery, no stock. And because they couldn’t put less detail about it on their website, I’d then have to measure it to know what size plank I need to order it cut to size and come back yet a third time to pick up the cut wood (at least you can order this online).

It’s not the first time I can’t find anything remotely suitable for DIY projects.

So I’m wondering: do people not build things for themselves here or are there better stores that I don’t know about?

Do you know Hornbach, youpee ya ya, youpeee youpeee yeah ?


I buy everything at Bauhaus. I have always found all I needed for my projects there.

LOL, I also second Hornbach for DYI.
Ikea should have plenty of too.

Got very good prices on Amazon too for tools.

+1 for Hornbach. Super for all DIY projects.