When to sell BMBL as I fail to calculate its fair price/sticker price

anyone owns Bumble $BMBL like me? the daily rise is almost 45% now and I don’t know when to sell, simply because I fail to calculate its fair price/sticker price. as lots of finanicial numbers were negative and it has only 2 year numbers…

which valuation book have those value investing gurus recommended? Buffett has recommended so many books but I don’t see any book about stock valuation

No idea about BMBL but I own another stock (high risk SPACS) with also +40% daily rise and +26m daily volume (860K average) without any significant news… Today something is happening behind the scenes

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Bumble published its results yesterday after market.

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You could target to sell half of it now and retrieve your investment.
Sell the other half later when you think the share will be at his fair value.

Most of us buy etf because stock picking and timing when to sell a stock is hard even for fund managers.

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thanks, the issue is I don’t know how to calculate fair value when earnings was negative :slight_smile:

do you recommend any book?