When do we reach the bottom of the dip? (2022 Edition)

Oh damn, That is harsh comparison =( Imagine all tech stocks stay on that level just like Banking stocks. City group is also one one them. That would be pain full to remember

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I have copied it from Reddit, yes its just most destroyed stocks in tech since ATH

Come on. Of course we want to know which ones!


and why! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Be careful not to reproduce the so-called Martingale technique.
As long as you consider it as a bet rather than an investment and that your risk management is well thought out, why not.

I must admit that I also took a position on EPAM with some success (+165%) recently.

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I would have preferred to see the curve go the other way, but on the other side, this is a good opportunity to get back on VT in DCA mode.

Ready to lose your bet :stuck_out_tongue:?

I still have a margin of 0.4% :laughing:

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I hope this forces Netflix to make movies for the masses again instead of hyper-woke inclusive low quality bs… I don’t know I hate when someone forces that upon me.


Seems they heard your (and Elon’s) message… this just in fresh from the presses:

Netflix Culture Memo Update: New Anti-Censorship, Spending Sections - Variety
Netflix tells staff to LEAVE if they're offended by its content | Daily Mail Online

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Can we move the discussion on why lack of straight white male representation in media is annoying out of this thread?


Now we know :frowning:
Since you have the tool to “predict” a crash in the market, do you have also a crystal ball?

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And it did today. So, 20% of this bet was for lulz, but the rest was to show that you have to count in your reference currency.