What to do with my Euro?

Hello, long time reader of the blog here, but first time I’m writing in the forum!
I’m in a somewhat similar situation as the OP. A few days ago I got around 700k EUR from selling shares of a startup I was an early investor of.
My medium-term plan would be to invest part of the money in ETFs like VT or CHSPI, but at the moment I don’t like how the charts look. I know, maybe I should ignore the charts and just begin to invest, but even so, my strategy would be to dca and in the meantime I’d need a home for the money, possibly without negative interests and with a State guarantee. That’s why I already put 100k EUR on yuh and 100k EUR on Flowbank.
Short-term I’ll use some money to renovate my house and maybe to lower the mortgage if the interests are too high at expiration (one 300k tranche expires in two years).
My first question: what would you do with the EUR? The EURCHF chart looks quite bad right now, having touched the all time low, which could mean it will continue going down (if the SNB doesn’t step in at some point).
Second question: where would you put the money to avoid the negative interests? I could transfer them to my Swissquote account, which just canceled negative interests on EUR accounts, but I’m wondering if there are safer solutions (for example a low-fee Cantonal bank with State guarantee).
Maybe changing some EUR to CHF wouldn’t be a bad idea since it would be easier to spread the money into multiple low-fee 100k accounts (Neon, Zak, etc.), which would allow me to both avoid negative interests and lower risk in case of bankruptcy. But I would hate for the EUR to go back to 1.05 CHF after converting it :smiley:
Thanks in advance, looking forward to your insights!

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